Aspiro AB (publ): Year-end Report 1999

• As expected, net sales during the financial year amounted to SEK 7,540 thousand (SEK 292 thousand). • The net loss for the year was, as expected, SEK –25,459 thousand (SEK – 4,844 thousand). • Earnings per share (excluding outstanding options) were SEK – 4.81 (SEK –1.08). The average number of share during the year, adjusted for bonus issues and splits, was 5,291,667 (4,500,000). With the dilution effect of issued warrants taken into account, earnings per share were SEK –4.55 (SEK –1.06). • Investment in tangible fixed assets during the year amounted to SEK 85 thousand (SEK 96 thousand). • The board of directors shall recommend to the annual general meeting that no dividend be distributed for the financial year. • As part of Aspiro’s stated growth strategy, Midab was acquired with possession to take effect on 1 January 2000, and a letter of intent was signed for the acquisition of Telesta. • Aspiro established the company in four new cities during the year. In addition to existing offices in Malmö and Karlskrona, the company opened offices in Oslo and Stockholm. Through the acquisition of Telesta, Aspiro is also represented in Boston and Hong Kong. • Aspiro delivered a platform for SMS services to Europolitan in January and, in November, signed an alliance agreement on the development and sales of WAP services. • The world’s first stock transaction using a mobile WAP application was carried out in March using Aspiro’s application “Aspiro Wireless Trader”. • Aspiro signed alliance agreements during the year with Ericsson Mobile Communications, Telenor Mobil, Hewlett Packard and Frontec. • “Aspiro Fleet Manager”, a mobile transport control system, was launched in September. • Two new share issues were carried out during the year to finance Aspiro’s current international venture. A share issue of SEK 15 million before issue expenses was carried out in May and an issue of SEK 100 million before issue expenses was carried out in October. • Unlisted trading of Aspiro’s stock began in November. • Aspiro delivered a service package in December to Europolitan and its WAP portal “Hantera”.

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Aspiro is a media technology company on the forefront in the ongoing redefinition of music consumption. Through its subscription services WiMP and TIDAL, the company offers a complete music experience with HiFi quality audio and integrated editorial, magazine and video. In parallel, Aspiro is a content provider to the online media industry through RADR, helping its partners to attract and retain visitors on their web sites. See more on


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