Aspiro AB (publ): Year-end Report 2003

· Net sales totaled SEK 21.8 m (SEK 34.2 m, whereof 24.0 refers to sold-off business areas). During the fourth quarter, net sales amounted to SEK 8 m, which is an increase of more than 20 percent compared to previous quarter. · Net result amounted to SEK – 43.8 m (SEK – 208.8 m) · Earnings per share amounted to SEK – 4.96 (SEK – 463.86) · Liquid assets amounted to SEK 20.8 m (SEK 7.3 m). · A new issue of shares with preferential rights for the shareholders was completed in October, adding SEK 29.8 m to the company before issue expenses. · During the period, Aspiro signed 35 (35) new sales agreements, whereof 7 (3) agreements during the fourth quarter. At the end of the period, Aspiro’s customer base included 43 (29) mobile telecom operators and portals. · After the end of the period, the Board of Directors has, conditional upon the approval of an extraordinary general meeting, decided to carry out a new share issue, directed at institutional investors, that will add SEK 24 m to the company. · After the end of the period, the Nominations Committee has proposed that Marie Persson Björkman will become ordinary member of the Aspiro Board of Directors.

About Us

Aspiro is a media technology company on the forefront in the ongoing redefinition of music consumption. Through its subscription services WiMP and TIDAL, the company offers a complete music experience with HiFi quality audio and integrated editorial, magazine and video. In parallel, Aspiro is a content provider to the online media industry through RADR, helping its partners to attract and retain visitors on their web sites. See more on

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