Aspiro's community game at Vodafone live! in three European countries

Aspiro has signed agreements regarding the launch of mobile community game "Lifestylers" at mobile portal Vodafone live! with three major operators in Europe. Lifestylers is since earlier successfully launched by 13 mobile operators in Europe and USA creating great attraction among mobile phone users.

The three operators, which together have 45.5 million subscribers, offer Aspiro's Lifestyler game within its Vodafone live!-portal as from October this year. In Spain, Aspiro is already offering ring tones and music related services via Vodafone. The agreement with French SFR (partly owned by Vodafone) is signed through Aspiro’s partner Wister. With the third operator, Aspiro has a close cooperation regarding Aspiro's mobile Chat since 2001. The agreements with the Vodafone operators are all based on a revenue share model and initially run for one year. Aspiro's Lifestylers, is a mobile role-play game that allows users to create their own characters that compete and interact with each other. The game is operator-independent, which means that players of the game may come from all over the world. The original brand of the game is “Lifestylers”. It has, on a number of occasions, been selected to complement TV-series or media events and hence been adapted and renamed to match those brand names. Today, about 125 000 mobile phone users are playing Lifestylers regularly via the 16 operators that have launched the game. "In the past, we have seen that social entertainment services are the mobile services that drives the most traffic in the operator networks. It is therefore pleasing that another three large operators choose to launch Lifestylers," says Håkan Persson, CEO, Aspiro. "Two of these operators are already some of our most important customers. To enhance and expand our cooperation with present customers is well in line with Aspiro’s strategy." Today Aspiro supplies mobile services to six European operators within the Vodafone Group. The others are Vodafone Sweden and Vodafone Portugal to which Aspiro supplies ring tones and Proximus in Belgium to which Aspiro supplies a number of WAP-services.

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