Aspiro signs framework agreement with Orange to launch games across Orange World

Today, Aspiro has signed a framework agreement with Orange regarding the option to launch WAP- and Java-games across eight geographical markets. The agreement includes the game “Lifestylers” which has already achieved great success at Orange on the French market among others.

Aspiro, that supplies mobile entertainment services and games, has signed a framework agreement with Orange to supply games to Orange companies including United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Romania and Slovakia – a total of more than 40 million customers. Lifestylers is a multiplayer role-playing game that allows the users to create their own role figures which compete and interact with each other. The game is operator independent, which means that players of the game may come from all over the world. The game has been co-branded with the TV-format Big Brother several times both in the UK and France. Lifestylers was launched on the French market already in 2001 and is today ranked as one of the three most popular games offered by Orange in France. Included in the general agreement are also ten Java-games, for example “Mini Golf", "Beat the Dealer" and “Rack em Up". The Orange operators in France, United Kingdom and Denmark are already customers of Aspiro.

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