New share issue at Aspiro

Notice of extra meeting of shareholders (A.G.M) to take place on 17 th September was announced on the 4 th September. Shareholders are summoned to decide on the authorisation for the Board of Directors to increase the company’s’ share capital by a minimum of 500.000 and a maximum of 2.500.00 shares.

The suggested authorisation includes the right for the board to diverge from the shareholders’ right of priority. A number of institutional investors have been invited to register interest in share subscription. The indication price level is between 30 SEK to 40 SEK per share. Share subscription will commence on 27 th September. An information memorandum aimed at qualified investors will be available at the company’s’ and Cheuvreux Nordics’ offices from 13th September.

About Us

Aspiro is a media technology company on the forefront in the ongoing redefinition of music consumption. Through its subscription services WiMP and TIDAL, the company offers a complete music experience with HiFi quality audio and integrated editorial, magazine and video. In parallel, Aspiro is a content provider to the online media industry through RADR, helping its partners to attract and retain visitors on their web sites. See more on