New Swedish member in WAP Forum

Aspiro became a member of the international network Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum in August this year. Aspiro, developer of mobile information services, consider the membership as a natural next step since the company already have developed and marketed WAP services.

WAP Forum has developed Wireless Application Protocol, which is a standard that defines how a mobile network communicates directly with Internet or Intranet. What makes WAP unique is that a bigger part of the telecom- and IT business are behind the standard. In consequence of that the penetration of WAP-based services will grow considerately. Aspiro are active in the developer group of the network - WAP Developers Group. Their task is to be a punch ball and adviser, since WAP Forum forms the standard for developing WAP- based services. One advantage with the membership in WAP Forum is that Aspiro get the chance to create global network and co-operation projects with other participants in the business. Another advantage is that Aspiro can keep updated on the absolutely last technical development within WAP, says Christer Månsson, managing director in Aspiro. Christer Månsson sees the membership as a tool to keep the lead with WAP based services. WAP Forum consist today of over 90 members. Other members of WAP Forum is: Mobile telephone suppliers that together holds 90 % of the market, network operators that with over 100 millions subscribers, leading companies in mobile infrastructure, software suppliers for PC and other IT-companies that develops products for wireless services. Some examples are Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, and Microsoft. Aspiro is an IT- and telecom company, which develops and markets mobile business and information services to companies and organizations. Today, Aspiro has 35 employees and offices located in Oslo, Malmø and Karlskrona. For further information contact: Christer Månsson, Managing Director of Aspiro, +46 709 918001. E-mail:

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