Omnigate Messaging Server 5.0 ready to ship

Aspiro launches its new version of Omnigate 5.0, the combined e-mail and messaging server.

Aspiro has previously shown a preview of its new version of Omnigate, Omnigate Messaging Server 5.0, a combined e-mail and messaging server, which can handle all of a company’s e-mail. It is now ready to be shipped to customers. An early version or Omnigate Messaging Server 5.0 was presented in September at the Networks Telecom trade fair in Älvsjö. Omnigate 4 is certified for integration with Ericsson’s administration program for the MD110 telephone exchange. This means that operators can forward all incoming calls as e-mails, SMS messages or messages to pagers via their own exchange. “Omnigate is the perfect solution at workplaces where personnel are not always present in the office. And because the exchange can communicate messages in different ways, incoming calls can now always reach the person they are intended for regardless of where that person may be,” says Stefan Sjödin, product manager for Omnigate. Omnigate Messaging Server 5.0 has also includes a number of improvements and new functions such as: - E-mail filtering. To avoid unnecessary and time-consuming messages. - Web&WapMail. Omnigate 5.0 includes Web and WAP mail as standard. This guarantees that users are able receive their e-mail wherever they are in the world. - SMS mail. Send and receive SMS messages by e-mail. - List server application. For updating address lists and contact details, etc. - New “diagnostic tool”. A diagnostic program that lets you quickly view the system status. - Statistics tool. - New user interface. Improves and makes usage simpler. - Easier to install. For more information, please contact: Stefan Sjödin, product manager, phone +46 (0)708-368294

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