Preview of Omnigate 5.0 Advanced Server at the Networks Telecom trade fair in Stockholm, September 20-22

Omnigate is a combined e-mail and messaging server capable of handling a company’s entire internal and external e-mail traffic. Omnigate connects a company together via e-mail, pagers and SMS.

Aspiro will be giving a full preview of the new Omnigate 5.0 Advanced Server at the Networks Telecom Trade Fair in Älvsjö, Stockholm, September 20-22. Among the many improvements and new functions are: E-mail filtering. To avoid unnecessary and time consuming messages. Web&WapMail. Omnigate 5.0 includes Web and WAP mail as standard. This guarantees that users are able receive their e-mail wherever they are in the world. SMS mail. Send and receive SMS messages by e-mail. List server application. For updating address lists and contact details, etc. New diagnostic tool. A diagnostic program that lets you quickly view the system status. Statistics tool. New user interface. Both improves and makes usage simpler. Easier to install. During the trade fair Aspiro will also be exhibiting: Web&WapMail With Active Web&WapMail users are given secure access to their e-mail wherever they are in the world – from a handheld computer or the nearest available PC connected to the Internet. All you need to do to read and send e-mail is to write in a Web address, username and code word in any standard Web browser. From the users’ point of view, Web&WapMail is very similar to public e-mail services such as Hotmail or Yahoo. The only exception is that it is intended for internal use. Active Mailbox Now everyone in your company can immediately have their important e-mail forwarded to a mobile phone, pager or handheld computer. In order to avoid unimportant messages it is possible to limit the messages you receive to selected senders or subject headings containing keywords. Mobicall intranet SMS and Minicall text from your intranet. Sending text messages to GSM phones or pagers is an unbeatable way to contact people on the move. The simplest way to do this is from a Web page on your company’s Intranet. Just write in your message, select the recipient for the address book and press send. Other Aspiro services Aspiro is an international department store with mobile Internet and SMS services where mobile operators, virtual operators, Internet service providers and traditional portals can buy Internet services to make them more attractive to their customers and users. The Aspiro department store offers a wide and ever-growing range of off-the-shelf Internet services for different types of end consumers, private customers as well as professional users. Aspiro’s current range of Internet services include: Entertainment services games, horoscopes and more Information services news, stock market information, city guides and more Communication services e-mail and fax Industry-specific services aimed at transportation companies, banks and sales organizations All the services have been developed to be used via mobile phones equipped with WAP and SMS functions. However, they can all be adapted to function with new technical protocols. The majority of the services are currently text-based, but in the near future they will be complemented with additional image- and sound-based functions as and when mobile phones and operator networks can handle larger amounts of data. For more information, please contact: Bo Ahlstrand, tel: +46 (0)8 544 90903, or: +46 (0)708 368 299 Or visit us at: Networks Telecom & CT Expo 2000, September 20-22, Älvsjö Exhibition Hall, Stockholm, stand C01:51.

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