Strategic collaboration between Aspiro and Hewlett-Packard

The Aspiro telecom company and the international Hewlett-Packard Company have commenced a collaboration aimed at developing mobile information services linked to the Internet. There is great interest in accessing the Internet via mobile phones. The two companies are now developing and marketing services of this type using WAP technology.

- This agreement is very important to fulfil Aspiro´s strategy. HP is a heavyweight partner with great knowledge in areas which compliment ours. Furthermore, they have a strategy for WAP and WAP services which suits us very well. It promises extremely well, says Aspiro´s CEO, Christer Månsson. HP and Aspiro are pooling their talents to speed up development of Internet services for mobiles. - We have depth and breadth across the entire field of IT. Aspiro compliment us with their valuable specialist knowledge and products on the mobile markets. Together we share a vision of a world full of mobile e-services. Development is going on very quickly. This collaboration is creating the conditions enabling development of new products and services, says Peter Vesterbacka, European telecom business development manager at HP. The collaboration commenced with Wireless Trader, a WAP service that makes it possible to buy and sell shares entirely via a mobile. Internet based stock brokers can offer trading in shares directly from mobile phones. With a few simple key presses, you can cover lists, portfolios and deposits. An automatic messages goes to the mobile when the order is complete. It is also possible to get messages when prices change within limits you determine yourself. Wireless Trader will be presented today, 15th, at WAP Forum, Hotel Le Meridiane Piccadilly, 21 Piccadilly, London. Aspiro will soon launch a new service in the transport field: The Fleet Manager application that makes it easier for transport companies to communicate via mobiles. This is the first transport system to be based in integrated web and WAP technology. People managing transport can now work through the Internet. For direction, dialogues are best in text. It is possible to obtain route plans, orders, invoices and other things - on a mobile. Fleet Manager makes transport effective. For more information, contact: Patrik Nilsson, Marketing Director Aspiro, phone +46 709 91 80 32 Lars Gogstad, responsible for Aspiro Wireless Trader, phone +47 918 20 007 Peter Vesterbacka, European telecom business development manager, Hewlett-Packard, phone +358 50 555 2682

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