Swedish-Norwegian WAP cooperation

Agreement between Aspiro and Telenor Mobil

Aspiro and Telenor Mobil have written a cooperation agreement concerning the development and marketing of mobile services based on the new WAP-technology. Through this agreement, Aspiro will have access to Telenor Mobil´s mobile WAP platform and can thereafter develop and launch software and services that are adaptable to Telenor Mobil´s GSM-net and the Norwegian market. Aspiro recently launched the software, "Wireless Trader" which makes it possible for the stock broker to offer his clients trading of shares directly from the cellular phone. It will now be adapted to Telenor Mobil´s mobile GSM-net which means it can be commercialized in Norway shortly. "This collaboration is very exciting as Telenor Mobil is now one of the leading GSM-operators in the world when it comes to product and technical development within WAP", says Christer Månsson, Managing Director of Aspiro AB. Due to the agreement with Telenor Mobil, Aspiro has established an office in Ibsenkvartalet at C.J. Hambros plass in Oslo. Today there are two employees in Norway. Line Varskog is the appointed Location Manager Telenor Mobil is in the Norwegian telecommunications and information Group of companies, Telenor A/S with a turnover of about 25 billion Norwegian kronor and has 25,000 colleagues. Telenor Mobil has more than 1.6 million mobile telephon subscribers in Norway. Aspiro AB is an IT and telecommunications company that develops and markets mobile business and information services to companies and organizations. Today, Aspiro has 27 employees and offices in Malmö and Karlskrona in Sweden and Oslo in Norway. Aspiro has already a number of products under development. The foremost product being "Wireless Trader" which was launched on March 15 of this year. The Wireless Trader is a product for the bank and financial sector which deals with stock trading. Aspiro has also developed an improved SMS-platform for the Swedish net operator Europolitan, for the purpose of increasing reliability for their SMS services. You are welcome to visit Aspiro´s home page: www.aspiro.com For further information contact: Christer Månsson, Managing Director of Aspiro, +46 709 918001. E-mail: christer.mansson@aspiro.com

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