Interim Report, January-June, 1999

ASTICUS AB (publ) INTERIM REPORT, JANUARY-JUNE, 1999 * Profit before financial items for the period has increased by 18 per cent and totalled SEK 150 million (127). * Profit after tax for the period has increased by SEK 65 million and totalled SEK 80 million (15) or SEK 2,55 per share (0,46). * Cash flow from operating activities during the period amounted to SEK 109 million (42) or SEK 3,49 per share (1,35). * IVG Holding AG ("IVG") has, through a Swedish subsidiary, acquired 98,5 per cent of the shares of Asticus AB ("Asticus"). ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: The full report The full report