Polopoly and Infomaker Co-operate to Simplify Editorial Integration

Content management vendor Polopoly and Infomaker, the leading Swedish supplier of editorial systems, have entered into a partnership to integrate Polopoly’s content management system with Infomaker’s editorial system Newspilot. The collaboration aims to simplify co-ordination and updating of content in the paper edition with the web site.

By integrating Polopoly and Newspilot, editors who use both systems will benefit from an automatic update of the content. For example, a journalist who updates an article in the editorial system will have the article automatically updated also in the content management system, and vice versa. Also, advertising departments and printing offices will benefit from the integration.

- We intend to make life easier for customers using both Polopoly and Newspilot. Our co-operation aims to launch an integration module that can be offered to all our joint customers, said Peter Månsson, CEO of Infomaker.

The Polopoly Content Management suite is Scandinavia’s favourite platform for major media ventures, containing a range of cutting-edge functionality. Polopoly enables high-performance personalised services, such as local weather and search services, quick polls and user ratings of articles. Polopoly also offers an advanced community module, where user-generated content can be managed in co-ordination with other content. Polopoly is entirely based on open standards to ensure platform independence and to simplify legacy systems integration.

- Polopoly and Infomaker are both leading suppliers in Scandinava. Together, we have the possibility to set the future standard for integrated editorial environments, said Gustaf Sahlman, CEO of Polopoly.


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