Atle invests a total of SEK 19 m in three enterprises

Atle invests a total of SEK 19 m in three enterprises Atle-owned Företagskapital has acquired holdings in Scandinavian Underwriting Services, Jaybis and Bolånebörsen, for a total of SEK 19 m. The investments comprise: Scandinavian Underwriting Services AB, SUSAB, a non-life private brand insurance alternative newly incorporated in 1999, with customers such as GE Capital and Nordbanken Finans. SUSAB offers its customers complete non-life insurance solutions, which they market under their own auspices to policyholders. Additionally, SUSAB alleviates the insurance risk of its policies through agreements with various Lloyd's syndicates. Although primarily, SUSAB offers vehicle insurance, eventually it intends to launch home insurance using the same business concept. Björn Johansson, with a lengthy insurance sector career, is SUSAB's founder and main owner. This investment encompasses SEK 10 m, equivalent to 15-18% of the company's shares depending on its earnings over the coming years. The investment comprises the purchase and issue of SEK 5 m in shares, plus a SEK 5 m convertible loan. Jaybis, a consulting practice and software house, develops e-business systems and sells consulting services. Jaybis has an employee headcount of 65 and revenues of around SEK 50 m. The enterprise's skills lie in business processes and development, IT-related product development and B2B e-commerce. The Jaybis share is quoted as an unlisted security. This investment is of nearly SEK 6 m, corresponding to 7% of Jaybis' shares in a new issue. Bolånebörsen is a newly incorporated enterprise that launched its services on the housing mortgage market in July 2000. The enterprise offers a comprehensive credit assessment for loan applicants and collates tenders from member lenders, all on the www. The intention is that borrowers will reduce their interest costs, while there are also advantages and cost savings for lenders. ATLE AB (Publ) P.O. BOX 7308 S-103 90 STOCKHOLM SWEDEN VISITING ADDRESS: REGERINGSGATAN 48 TELEPHONE +46 (0)8 506 10100 TELEFAX +46 (0)8 506 10110 CORPORATE IDENTITY NO.: 556454-8799 This investment extends to just over SEK 3 m, or 5% of the company's shares. Atle Företagskapital also holds an option to subscribe for a further 3% of Bolånebörsen's shares. Stockholm, Sweden, 15 August 2000 Atle AB (publ) For further information, please contact: Hans Dirtoft, Chief Executive, Atle Företagskapital: tel: +46 (0)70 549 8070 Atle- key facts Atle is a growth company that intends to be 2-3 times its current size in 5 years' time. Atle is a private equity player, investing in unlisted companies, participating actively in their development, and after a few years, finding them a suitable new home- through an exit- thereby realising value growth. Since 1993, the Atle group's earnings have risen progressively, from SEK 373 m to SEK 1,025 m in 1999. Atle maintains a high transaction tempo, acquiring over 20 enterprises across all sectors each year. Since inception in 1992, Atle has invested in approximately 200 businesses and exited from over 100. Its annual return from these exits has exceeded 50%. 43 of its holdings, 26% of invested capital, are in IT and other technology enterprises. Atle is quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange's A List and has over 17,000 shareholders. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: