Atle sells Backupcentralen. Exit profit SEK 135 M

*Atle sells Backupcentralen *Exit profit SEK 135M Atle AB has signed an agreement with Guardian dr (Overseas Holdings) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Guardian iT plc which is listed on the London Stockmarket Exchange, to sell all of the shares of Backupcentralen Infosec Holding AB (publ). The deal is expected to provide Atle with an exit profit of SEK 135M. The Backupcentralen group of companies carry out operations mainly in disaster recovery for company computer systems. By offering a complete back-up company with accommodation for computer departments and management functions of IT- critical companies, it protects companies from large loss of income in, among other things, computer breakdowns. The company also provides parallel running of data systems where the operation is especially sensitive to interruptions. Backupcentralen reported 1998 sales of SEK 78M with pre-tax earnings of more than SEK 8M. The company has 40 employees. Atle's ownership of Backupcentralen has been divided between Atle Företagskapital and Atle Informationsteknologi. Guardian iT also carries out operations in disaster recovery for company computer systems and provides parallel running of computer systems. The company has operations in Great Britain, France, Germany and South Africa. In 1998, Guardian iT reported sales of more than SEK 400M with pre-tax earnings of SEK 91M. The company has more than 140 employees. Stockholm, 7 June 1999 Atle AB (publ) For further information, please contact: Hans Dirtoft, President of Atle Företagskapital AB, tel +46 8-441 91 40. Bengt Paulsson, President of Atle Informationsteknologi AB, tel + 46 8-506 101 31 ATLE AB (Publ) P.O. BOX 7308 S-103 90 STOCKHOLM SWEDEN VISITORS: REGERINGSGATAN 48 TELEPHONE +46-8-506 101 00 TELEFAX +46-8-506 101 10 REGISTERED OFFICE: 556454-8799 2 (2) APPENDIX Atle AB Atle is an investment company which invests in and develops small and medium- size companies which are generally unlisted. Atle's core expertise is business development which includes the ability to find interesting companies, create acquisition situations and through active and responsible ownership to develop and after a period of time to find new suitable habitats for owned companies. Normally, acquisitions are made in some form of decisive development phase in connection with the company wishing to expand, a structural transaction would be optimal for its continued development, etc. As the acquired companies are generally not listed and the Group always takes an active part in their development, Atle differs from traditional investment companies. In connection with Atle entering as an owner, plans are made for when Atle's work will be completed and the Group will sell its holding in the company. This normally takes place within three to seven years. Atle, which was introduced on the stockmarket in 1993, has sales of approximately SEK 9 billion and a more than 7,500 employees. Since the stockmarket introduction, the number of shareholders has increased to more than 15,000. Operations are carried out in the six business sectors: Atle Karolin Verkstadsindustri, Atle Tjänste & Handel, Atle Miljöteknik, Atle Informationsteknogi, Atle Mergers & Acquisitions and Atle Företagskapital. Atle Informationsteknologi Atle Informationsteknologi is a Business Sector in Atle AB which includes some 10 companies with operations in the data sector. The Business Sector reported total invoicing of approximately SEK 1,700M in 1998 and has broad experience of the IT industry. Atle Företagskapital Atle Företagskapital is a Business Sector in Atle AB which invests in minority holdings in small, often entrepreneur-led companies. During 1998, Företagskapital was a stakeholder in some 20 companies, managed a small company fund with a value of SEK 350M and reported pre-tax earnings of SEK 32.3M. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: