Kenth-Åke Jönsson new President of Atle€s IT investments

Kenth-Åke Jönsson new President of Atle's IT investments Nearly 20 of Atle´s 100 or so investments are in IT companies. Kenth-Åke Jönsson, Executive Vice President of TietoEnator Corp, has been appointed new President of Atle Informationsteknologi. Kenth-Åke Jönsson succeeds the current President, Bengt Paulsson, who has reached 60 and will transfer to become part-time Chairman of the Business Sector. The current Chairman of Atle Informationsteknologi, Åke Lundqvist, remains on the Board of Directors. Kenth-Åke Jönsson, 48, has been Executive Vice President of Enator and TietoEnator since 1995 with, among other things, responsibility for major acquisitions and divestments. Kenth-Åke Jönsson's primary task will be to invest in new IT companies and to employ additional investment managers in the IT sector. Bengt Paulsson will continue to have the main responsibility for already-made IT investments in order to, in accordance with Atle's business concept, exit these in the future. Lars Gårdö, President of Atle: "The abundant flow of promising IT companies that Atle encounters means that we intend to increase the rate of acquisitions within this sector. Kenth-Åke Jönsson, with more than 10 years' experience of work of change within Swedish IT industry behind him in, among others, Celsius and TietoEnator, is the right man to realise this expansion. In Kenth-Åke Jönsson, Atle gets a person who has acquired sound experience within the sector and who, in collaboration with Bengt Paulsson, will contribute a great deal in both small and large IT companies which will be acquired by Atle in the future." Kenth-Åke Jönsson, Executive Vice President of TietoEnator: "I am very pleased to get this opportunity to actively develop interesting IT companies within the framework of Atle's business concept. I also see it as a big advantage to be able to concentrate on new investments while, at the same time, the Chairman, Bengt Paulsson, continues to develop our existing holdings. In this way, an opportunity is created for rapid expansion of one of Atle's most profitable investment sectors." Kenth-Åke Jönsson is expected to take over as President of Atle's IT investments on 1 March 2000. For further information, please contact: Lars Gårdö, tel +46 8-506 101 11 Kenth-Åke Jönsson, tel. +46 8-632 14 09 or +46 70-587 89 78 Bengt Paulsson, tel. +46 506 101 30. Facts about Atle Atle is involved with private equity investments. This means that the Company invests in unlisted companies and works actively on their development. After a few years' work, Atle, via a stockmarket listing or merger, will find new suitable domiciles for the companies and thus realise the growth in value. Since its start in 1992, Atle has invested in nearly 200 companies and exited more than 100. The yield on these exits has exceeded 50 per cent per annum. The business pace is high; some 20 companies are acquired per annum. Since 1993, the Group's profit has risen steadily from SEK 373M to SEK 953M in 1998. Atle, which is quoted on the A list of the OM Stockholm Exchange, has approximately 15,000 shareholders. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: