Atos Medical wins prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award for Provox Coming Home

Atos Medical, the Swedish, world-leading medical device company, has won the internationally recognized Red Dot Product Design 2016 Award for its Provox Coming Home case.

The Provox Coming Home case is an intuitive tool, which facilitates returning home from hospital for patients having their voice box removed as a consequence of larynx cancer. The tool includes a durable carrying case with selected products and information in several languages. Each case is carefully assembled by hand at Atos Medical facilities in Horby, Sweden. The Provox Coming Home case is the result of cooperation with leading institutions, doctors, nurses and patients from all over the world.

“It is the first time Atos Medical receives such a prestigious recognition and we are extremely proud,” says CEO Claus Bjerre. “Together with the positive feedback we get from so many patients and health care professionals, this award confirms our strengths in innovation. Our ambition is to develop products that truly makes a difference for our users. Provox Coming Home responds to the user needs we have seen in our studies and in everyday interactions” Bjerre continues.

Every year, more than 10,000 people have their voice box removed after larynx cancer. This means they have to breathe through a stoma in their neck and are temporarily losing the ability to speak.

”It can be very tough to come home after an operation. Breathing, speaking, eating and drinking is completely different and difficult at first. So patients need guidance on the products that can help them adjust,” says Corina van As-Brooks, Vice President for Innovation and Marketing as well as a Speech Language Pathologist. “We have designed the Provox Coming Home so it introduces relevant information in a step-by-step manner, to make it intuitive and easy to use.”

The Red Dot Award is an international distinction for high quality design and innovation. In 2016, participants from 57 nations registered about 5,200 products and innovations for the Red Dot Product Design Award.

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Atos Medical
Atos Medical is a medical device company with a global market and technology leading position in the segment for voice and pulmonary rehabilitation of patients who have undergone Laryngectomy (surgical removal of the voice box). Atos has around 450 employees and is based in Sweden.

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