The interaction for the world’s most poisonous substance characterized by Attana’s customer at Stockholm University Pål Stenmark

The research group at Stockholm University headed by Ass. Prof. Pål Stenmark have discovered the first new botulinum toxin in almost half a century. Botulinum toxin is considered the world’s most poisonous substance.

In the latest edition of Kemivärlden Biotech ( ) Pål Stenmark’s discovery is highlighted (in Swedish). His research group focus on both botulinum toxin and tetanus toxin. These two poisons are similar, but have different mode of actions and the understanding of the interaction mechanism is important for developing new pharmaceuticals. Attana has assisted Pål Stenmark in characterizing the interaction mechanism between nerve cells and botulinum and tetanus molecules and thereby achieved a deeper understanding of these molecules mode of action. Read more about their research here:

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