AudioDev on the Growth List 2001

AudioDev on the Growth List 2001 AudioDev has been placed number 25 on the Growth List 2001, which was presented today by "growth consultants" Ahrens Rapid Growth and Svenska Dagbladet. The Growth List comprises of Sweden's 62 fastest growing companies. -'To grow as fast, profitably and consistently as AudioDev is an impressive achievement', says Thomas Ahrens, MD for Ahrens Rapid Growth. - 'At AudioDev we are very proud of our position on the list. It has been an exciting journey for all of us, to have grown from 4 to 110 people within the past 10 years. Our turnover has also grown from 4 to 235 million SEK over the same period. This has only been possible through tremendous effort of our employees', says AuidoDev's MD, Jan Barchan. The Growth List has been published by Ahrens Rapid Growth and Svenska Dagbladet since 1993. Ahren's definition of a "growth company" is a company, which, over the past five years, has had an average growth of 25%, a minimum of 50 employees and a turnover of at least 50 million SEK per year. Last year the list was lead by IT-consultancies and recruitment agencies, but this year production companies within more traditional branches are high on the list. For further information please contact: Jan Barchan, MD AudioDev AB (publ) phone: +46 (0)40-690 4949 or Thomas Ahrens, MD Ahrens Rapid Growth, phone.: 070-879 11 00 or AudioDev, ( is one of the world's leading manufacturers of test equipment for optical media such as CDs and DVDs. Today, AudioDev is the manufacturer with the broadest market coverage, with a significant presence in Europe, the USA and Asia. Customers include Microsoft, Warner, Sonopress, Pioneer and Ritek. The company currently has 110 employees, with headquarters in Malmö and subsidiaries in the USA and Hong Kong. Since 1996 AudioDev's turnover has grown, on average, around 45%. The company posted a turnover of 237 million SEK in 2000, with a consolidated income of 60 million SEK. Since September 21, 2000, AudioDev is listed on the OM Stockholmsbörsen. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: