Interim Report for AudioDev AB

January 1 –September 30 2005 (Figures in brackets relate to the period January - September 2004) • Net sales totalled SEK 174.8 (230.1) million. • Profit after financial items was SEK 15.8 (48.4) million. • Profit after tax totalled SEK 10.9 (35.3) million. • Profit per share amounted to SEK 0.65 (2.11). • The backlog of orders was SEK 18.7 (19.4) million at the end of the period. • AudioDev has delivered the main part of the order for analyzers for Microsoft's games platform Xbox 360 in Q3.

AudioDev in brief AudioDev is a world-leading manufacturer of test equipment for quality control of optical media such as CDs and DVDs. The company also holds a leading position within the ongoing development of the blue laser based formats, BD and HD DVD. Net sales in 2004 were SEK 275.0 million with the largest markets being in the US, Asia and Europe. The head office is based in Malmö, Sweden. AudioDev has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since September 2000. AudioDev's products are sold under the brands CATS and Go!. The products in the CATS series are high precision analyzers for quality testing of all formats on the market. Go! is a brand with products optimised for production control. AudioDev also offers an extensive service network, as well as customised training and independent test analyses via AudioDev's TestCenter. AudioDev's customers include Cinram, CMC, Microsoft, Moser Baer India, Panasonic, Pioneer Ritek Corp. and Technicolor.


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