Aura launches compact fluorescent lamp for low temperatures

The lighting company Aura Light now introduces another compact fluorescent lamps in the range of Long Life lamps. Aura Long Life compact fluorescent lamps have a guaranteed lifetime of at least three times longer compared to standard fluorescent lamps.

The product that Aura now launches is called Unique Thermo-T and is a compact fluorescent lamp (in everyday speech: CFL) with three discharge tubes, which is particularly suited for use in public outdoor lighting or in areas with low temperatures. This compact fluorescent lamps provides up to four times more light compared to a standard compact fluorescent lamps and has an optimum light output at -5 degrees. Users save money in the form of replacement costs, while making a difference for the environment since only one third as many lamps have been produced, transported and recycled. ”We continue to develop new products in order to provide sustainable lighting solutions for various applications", says Martin Malmros, CEO at Aura Light International AB. “Unique Thermo-T is a result of Auras focus on green, energy-efficient products and solutions”. The new compact fluorescent lamp Unique Thermo-T is perfectly suitable for use in public outdoor lighting or in areas with cold temperatures. It has an average lifetime of 42 000 hours, which equals a lifetime of nine years in a normal environment. In comparison is the lifetime of an standard compact fluorescent lamp three years. In an installation with 1000 Aura Long Life compact fluorescent lamps the users will save approximately 18 000 GBP, while reducing their CO2 emissions with 440 kg over the lifetime, compared to the corresponding standard compact fluorescent lamps. The product was developed at Auras R&D department in Karlskrona, which is the same laboratory that developed the first Long Life fluorescent lamp back in 1980. Auras range now contains over 700 Long Life products and lighting solutions. Stockholm 14 January 2010 Aura Light International AB



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