Aura Light is now a Carbon Trust ’Accredited Supplier’

Aura Light has a strong commitment to contribute to a more sustainable society and believe that environmental, social and economic responsibility is fundamental to long-term business success. Adhering to this belief Aura Light has now become an ‘Accredited Supplier’ of the Carbon trust. 

The Carbon Trust is a world-leading organisation helping businesses, governments and the public sector to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy through carbon reduction, energy-saving strategies and commercialising low carbon technologies.

Being accredited by the Carbon Trust demonstrates Aura Light’s ability to provide sustainable and cost effective lamps and solutions to customers while instilling confidence that Aura Light can fulfil customer needs. Simon Taylor, Managing Director of Aura Light says “This Accreditation gives our customers the reassurance of quality energy efficient lighting solutions”.

Aura Light sources have a lifetime that is up to four times longer than standard products, reducing maintenance costs and environmental impact by 75%. The energy-saving lighting solutions can lower energy consumption by up to 80%, depending on the existing equipment. Aura Light helps to reduce both costs and carbon footprint for its customers.

Geoff Smyth, Head of Technology and Delivery, the Carbon Trust commented, “The Carbon Trust’s Accredited Supplier scheme aims to make it easy for organisations to find suppliers who have demonstrated their success in delivering sustainable, low carbon solutions in what is a crowded and fast-growing market. The team at Aura Light have demonstrated their competency in delivering high quality, low energy lighting solutions which meets the expectations of the scheme and we are pleased to welcome them.”

UK, 21 August 2013

Aura Light UK

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Simon Taylor, Managing Director, Aura Light UK

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About Aura Light
Aura Light is a lighting company that supplies sustainable lighting solutions to professional customers, enabling them to reduce cost, energy consumption and environmental impact. Aura Light is acknowledged for long lifetime, high quality and energy reduction, where the Aura Light lighting solutions can reduce the energy consumption by up to 80 percent. The foundation for Aura Light was already laid in 1930 under the name LUMA and Long Life fluorescent lamps have been produced since 1980. The Head Office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Aura Light subsidiaries and distributors sell lighting solutions all over the world and the customers are primarily found in industry, retail and public sector. Aura Light has about 250 employees and a turnover of approximately 60 million Euros. Read more at