'The Good Boob Bible' published by Aurora Clinics Surgeon Miles Berry

New book by Mr Berry covers everything women need to know about breast enlargement

Breast enlargement, the queen of cosmetic surgery procedures, has been the most popular aesthetic surgery in the world for some time. More and more women every year are seeking surgical help to achieve the breasts of their dreams.

The finer details of what motivates women to seek breast enlargement vary from woman to woman. For some, surgery represents the chance to restore their breasts to their pre-motherhood fullness, or the pert firmness of their youth. For others, it's a desire to boost breasts that have always lacked volume. And there are a significant number of women who seek surgical reconstruction of their breasts after undergoing breast cancer surgery.

As a serious surgical procedure, breast enlargement is not something to be entered into lightly. There are lots of important decisions to make along the way - many of which have the potential to dramatically affect the final result. To help women make the best possible choices when it comes to undergoing breast enlargement, Aurora Clinics plastic surgeon Mr Miles Berry MS, FRCS in collaboration with Dai Davies FRCS has written 'The Good Boob Bible: Your complete guide to breast augmentation surgery'.

The book provides a wealth of expert information, alongside personal accounts of women's real-life experiences, to create a comprehensive and accessible source of reference for all women considering breast enlargement. The aim of the book, as stated by Mr Berry, is "to give women the power to move away from the ‘production-line’ BA that the commercial companies have been providing over the last 10-15 years".

Mr Berry and Mr Davies examine the advances in surgical techniques and breast implant technology over the years that have made the procedure safer and more effective, including improvements to the consistency of the filler gel and the texture and durability of the outer shell. 

Managing expectations

They point out that these advances in technology have led to higher expectations from patients, which has helped to raise standards, but can also cause problems if women go into surgery with unrealistic expectations. The book warns against expecting perfection, and stresses the point that being armed with as much information as possible - and being completely aware of the risks as well as the benefits - is the best way to ensure satisfaction with the final result. 

Mr Dai Davies is a surgeon at the very forefront of modern cosmetic surgery. He has worked in the industry for several decades, and in that time has accrued a wealth of experience. Alongside pursuing his own work, he also trains other surgeons in his own areas of specialism. Mr Davies is a member of ISAPS (the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) and an advisor to the Medical Protection Society.

Mr Miles Berry is a leading consultant plastic surgeon, and part of the specialist surgical team at private plastic surgery group Aurora Clinics. He has worked in the industry for more than 10 years, specialising in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery. Originally qualifying from University College London with degrees in both medicine and pharmacology, he went on to pursue postgraduate surgical training in London and Manchester. Mr Berry has authored and contributed to many academic research papers, having published three papers on Breast Augmentation in JPRAS (Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery) in the last year, and co-authoring a text book on Oncoplastic Breast Surgery produced by the Curie Institute in Paris.

The Good Boob Bible is available to buy now from most large bookshops, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Kerry Greasley

Copywriter/Content Editor, Aurora Clinics


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