OESAA releases Automechanika preview video

Ahead of the forthcoming Automechanika show in Birmingham, the Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association (OESAA) has released a preview video, highlighting how OESAA’s quality can help build your reputation.

The video features commentary from industry experts and garage owners including Andy Savva, Shayne Walters and Martin McDaid, to reinforce the benefits of fitting OE parts

Shayne Walters, Managing Director at SW Autotech, explains the risk-reducing benefits of using OE parts: his technicians do not want to have to undertake any job twice because of sub-standard parts. Besides the direct cost, these reworks would undermine his business’ reputation, he believes.

Martin McDaid encourages technicians to explain the benefits of OE parts. He thinks selling trustworthy replacement parts ensures the integrity of the repair, and believes that the chance of inferior parts compromising a correct diagnostic and otherwise repair is not worth taking.

Andy Savva, who will also be presenting on OESAA’s Automechanika stand throughout the day, explains: “It’s a safety issue for me: I know in confidence that when I give the keys back to the customer they’ve had fitted what their car had fitted on the production line. So it’s key – it’s a must – to fit OE parts.”

OESAA’s presence at Automechanika is central to the group’s drive to raise awareness of the benefits of OE components and the pitfalls of ‘matching quality’ alternatives; these can include hidden costs from breakages, lost labour time and increased reputational risk.

Visitors can find the OESAA team at Stand J39 in Hall 10. For further information on OESAA and all forthcoming exhibitions, visit http://www.oe-suppliers.org/ . To view the video in full, go to http://www.oe-suppliers.org/news/oesaa-to-bring-to-life-benefits-of-quality-oe-products-at-automechanika-7-9-june-2016-stand-j39-hall-10

Katherine Thompson | Account Manager | katherine@autotechcomms.co.uk


The Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association (OESAA) is a group of world-leading OE component manufacturers, who have joined forces to help raise awareness about the differences between OE components supplied for original fitment on new vehicles and the so-called ‘matching quality’ alternatives sold in the aftermarket.

OESAA members are concerned that many distributor motor factors and garage installers are being sold products that misleadingly claim to be of ‘matching quality’: a phrase which does not qualify how this standard is achieved or measured. To win OE business, OE suppliers – including OESAA members - have to meet the hugely challenging standards set by the vehicle manufacturers, with zero defects.

OESAA's aim is simply to increase awareness at workshop level of the huge difference in quality and testing regimes between genuine OE Parts and those parts claiming to be ‘matching quality’  - to benefit the entire automotive industry.

OESAA believe it is their responsibility to make the aftermarket aware of the different quality levels available, and the inherent risks of fitting lower quality parts, to ensure garages and motor factors can make informed decisions on what to buy.


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It’s a safety issue for me: I know in confidence that when I give the keys back to the customer they’ve had fitted what their car had fitted on the production line. So it’s key – it’s a must – to fit OE parts.
Andy Savva