Announcement from IGE Resources AB’s extraordinary shareholders’ meeting held on 25 April 2013

The decisions made by the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting are stated below.

Board of directors and auditor

It was resolved to elect Arto Kuusinen new director of the board.

It was resolved to elect Johan Kaijser at MAZARS SET Revisionsbyrå AB auditor and Samuel Bjälkemo at MAZARS SET Revisionsbyrå AB alternate auditor.

Authorization of the board of directors to decide on a directed rights issue of 50,000,000 shares due to the company’s acquisition of Ghana Gold AB

The conclusions drawn from the independent review of IGE’s on-going acquisition of Ghana Gold were presented by representatives of the law firm Westermark Anjou, having made the review.

It was resolved by 75,2% of the votes to approve the board’s proposal to authorize the board to resolve upon a new issue of 50,000,000 shares, directed to Alluvia Mining Ltd without regard to shareholders’ pre-emption rights.

Minority shareholders’ auditor

Owners of more than one-tenth of all shares in IGE supported a proposal from one of the shareholders that an auditor appointed by the Swedish County Administrative Board shall participate in the audit together with the auditor.

For additional information, please contact:

Terje Engstrøm Lien
Interim President and CEO, IGE Resources AB
Tel: + 47 926 15 167

IGE Resources AB
(publ) is a Scandinavian asset management and development company within natural resources. IGE’s portfolio currently consists of several diamond exploration and production assets in Southern Africa and Nickel Mountain Resources AB (publ) owning Scandinavia’s largest nickel deposit. IGE is headquartered in Stockholm and its shares are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker: IGE). Please refer to for more detailed information.


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