Repurchase of own shares

The Board of Directors of Axfood AB has decided to initiate repurchase of shares in Axfood AB, within the framework of the mandate received by the Annual General Meeting on 10 March 2005, to acquire up to 2,000,000 shares. Axfood AB currently has no holdings of treasury shares. The repurchases will take place periodically and are dependent on market conditions and applicable rules on each repurchase occasion. The share repurchases will take place during the period up until the 2006 Annual General Meeting. The repurchases will carried out at a price per share that is within the registered price interval on the Stockholm Stock Exchange on each repurchase occasion. The aim of the repurchases is to adapt the company's capital structure to the current operations.

About Us

Axfood AB conducts retail trade through the wholly owned store chains Hemköp, Willys and Willys hemma and wholesale trade through Dagab and Axfood Närlivs. In addition, Axfood collaborates with a number of proprietor-run stores that are tied to Axfood through agreements.


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