Axis, Lexmark and Toshiba Demonstrate Wireless Printing Using Bluetooth(TM) Technology

Axis Communications, Inc. and Lexmark International, Inc. today demonstrated a wireless printing solution at the Bluetooth Developers' Conference (Toshiba Booth #521). Using a Toshiba laptop computer equipped with a Toshiba Bluetooth(TM) PC Card and a Lexmark laser printer equipped with an Axis Bluetooth(TM) print device, conference attendees were able to transmit print jobs directly from the laptop to the laser printer. This solution is one example of the powerful wireless printing solutions the companies are developing that are expected to be in customer hands beginning early next year. "As technology becomes more mobile, wireless printing solutions are required to transform electronic ideas and documents into physical form from any device to any printer, anywhere," said Paul Curlander, chairman and chief executive officer of Lexmark. "No matter how much electronic communication increases, people still want paper to bring their electronic ideas to life in a tangible way.Working with Axis and using industry standard technologies, Lexmark and Toshiba will help make Bluetooth wireless printing from cell phones, laptops, handheld computers and other information appliances a commonplace occurrence." "Wireless applications are poised to explode," said Peter Ragnarsson, cheif executive officer, Axis Communications. "The growing numbers of mobile users are increasingly demanding simple, wireless access to the information and resources they need to do their jobs, anytime and anywhere. This printing demonstration with Lexmark and Toshiba shows a real-world application that everyone can understand. Moving forward, we'll continue to bring compelling, easy to use technology to customers around the world to make wireless connectivity a reality." Business and home applications abound Wireless printing applications span both home and office environments. • Business travelers will be able to print from their laptop computers directly to hotel printers without the hassle of cables or complicated network setup. • Employees could print from their business laptop to a home printer without dismantling their office network configuration. • Personal digital assistant (PDA) users would be able to print their calendar or to-do list on any printer anywhere. • Laptop users could print information on demand, such as a presentation, marketing collateral or a proposal, at a customer site or at a trade show. Future solutions to enable printers to pull and print Web content by reference Today, Lexmark's ImageQuick SIMM enables users to directly pull and print Web pages and PDF files from a user-defined list from the printer operator panel. Selecting from the list, users can instruct the printer to pull the corresponding Web page and print the requested number of copies. This capability makes it easier and faster for users to print commonly-needed information, such as stock quotes, and replaces costly pre-printed forms with an Intranet-based "forms on-demand" solution that is built into the printer. Lexmark and Axis are both Associate Members of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group and are actively working to create the printing standards being designed by the Bluetooth Working Group. Future products from both companies are expected to be compatible and in compliance with the resulting standards developed by the Bluetooth Printing Group. Toshiba Corporation is one of the nine promoter companies of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. About Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. More information can be found at ###

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