Axis and Labs2 offer digital presence for security at places when you are not there

Axis Communications, Labs2 and are initiating cooperation based on the service, which offers increased security in everyday large for private individuals in Sweden. The service involves installation of Axis network cameras in summer cottages, at home or other locations and images are shown in your computer or mobile telephone.

Have the children come home from school? Did the summer cottage survive the storm? Is there water in the pond? These and many more questions can be answered when Axis network cameras are installed and linked to the Internet. Images will be easily accessible on your computer or mobile telephone. When your home or summer cottage is unoccupied, it is possible to take a quick look to determine that everything is as it should be. Naturally, it involves intrusion protection, as well as a simple way to determine that all is well.

“During the past year, we have noted an increased interest from the private market for installation of network cameras in homes. As a result of the cooperation between Axis, Labs2 and, a new customer group gains access to the advantages of network video. Primarily, the service means that unaccustomed users can also easily install equipment in homes and offices,” says Ray Mauritsson, President of Axis Communications.

“Broadband is so much more than just e-mail and websites. Today’s news that advanced cameras can be made available to the general public is just the beginning of a large number of sensor-based services that will make everyday life simpler, safer and more enjoyable,” says Jonas Birgersson, President of Labs2 and Board Chairman of Trygghetsbolaget AB. “ Naturally, it is also pleasing that once again Sweden is taking the lead position in this important technology area.”

The simplicity of installation is one of the features that make the service unique. With a network camera, broadband splitter and an Internet connection, the user can quickly get started. There is no need to have a computer in operation to receive images since the function is already in the network camera and all image material is stored centrally on a protected server at When the user wants to view the material, the camera owner logs on to the service’s Internet portal through a normal web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, or by mobile phone with a password.

The service offered to the user includes selection from one of three Axis ST network cameras: AXIS 207, AXIS 207W or AXIS 211, depending on whether the camera will be installed indoors, outdoors or if a wireless network will be used. The network cameras and broadband splitters can be purchased through such e-business companies as Dustin, InWarehouse and others. The network camera is available in two service choices, basic package or premium package, which contain a variety of services. The service is independent of broadband provider. It functions with all Swedish broadband operators.

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