Axis delivers print servers to one of the leading banks in Spain

Axis Communications has signed an agreement with Spanish partner APC for the installation of a large number of print servers to Caja de Ahorros El Monte's bank offices across Spain. The print servers help to improve the internal IT infrastructure and to provide better services to the bank's clients.

Cost efficiency, increased flexibility and improved customer service were some of the key requirements when Caja de Ahorros El Monte outlined its new IT-infrastructure for the bank's offices in Andalucía, Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha, Madrid and Barcelona. The solution that now will be installed by Axis' partner APC, is based on AXIS 5400+ network print servers, which replaces a previous infrastructure where printers connected directly to individual PCs. With the new printing environment in place, direct value is created for staff as well as customers by eliminating bottlenecks and allowing faster response to client's needs and demands. "With the solutions from Axis we open up for the ability to share print services for documents and forms, modernizing the working environment in one of the older Spanish banks. We are very pleased to be able to help such a distinguished bank and we hope to continue working together with them for any future needs," said Oscar Polo, APC's representative for Southern Spain. The AXIS 5400+ network print server is designed to simplify the printing process and to increase network flexibility. Enhanced with Axis' latest software, the solution also includes other benefits that improves user friendliness and lowers the need for administration. Key features include automatic IP setting, which simplifies installation and automation of the maintenance process. When the printer requires attention -- for example, new toner or a paper refill -- the print server will automatically notify a chosen administrator by e-mail.

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