Axis helps college ensure security of expanding campus using PoE-enabled network cameras

LUND, Sweden - (October 10th, 2005). The strong interest for IP Surveillance in the educational sector continues. Treviglas Community College in Cornwall, England has saved thousands of pounds upgrading its surveillance systems by deploying Axis Communications' Power over Ethernet-enabled (PoE) network cameras, as well as a range of other hardware from Axis. The upgrade followed an extensive review of the college's ten year old, analog-based CCTV system which revealed major shortcomings.

A total of 18 new AXIS 211 Power over Ethernet Network Cameras and one new AXIS 2130 PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Network Camera have been deployed in the new system. Two AXIS 241Q Video Servers now digitise video output from eight of the original 16 analogue-based CCTV cameras which were still serviceable. A total of 27 cameras are operational in the new surveillance system today. Treviglas College recently gained Business and Enterprise Specialist School status from the Department for Education. New funding, amounting to an additional £30,000 per year for five years, is enabling the college to accelerate expansion plans, and thus the need for more surveillance equipment. Treviglas College's staff were unhappy with the previous analog CCTV system, which was failing to deliver good enough quality images to positively identify individuals involved in suspect behaviour on school grounds. The integrator selected to put in the new IP-Surveillance system at the college, Perkins Communications' Keith Perkins, explained why Axis' PoE network cameras were selected at the college: "The college had a number of long corridors with few if any power points. We could see the bills for running electricity supplies to 18 or more new cameras would be over £2,000. We also had seen the disadvantages of running electrical cabling to cameras when one CCTV camera was disabled simply by opening up the fused supply box connected to it." "PoE offers the added advantage of controlling power supply to camera via a central UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) so that if electricity supply is lost, surveillance coverage is not compromised." The new IP-Surveillance system has already found favour amongst college staff, as head teacher Helen Mathieson explains: "The new system is proving completely reliable. Authorised personnel have come to trust the system to the point where they can now ask specific authorised staff within the IT department to view an event on screen that they have just witnessed or heard about in order to verify and identify individuals concerned. When requests of this kind have been made in all cases it has been possible to positively identify individuals unlike the previous system. Whilst remaining within the necessary security industry codes of practice, the new surveillance system is now an effective deterrent against any intrusion and anti-social behaviour on college grounds. It also reinforces our desire to create a safe environment for our students." The college is planning to deploy an additional three AXIS 213 PTZ Network Cameras to monitor remaining boundaries of the college. The college is also considering installing two further cameras in the reception area to monitor traffic in and out of the main door and to ensure all visitors report to reception before going any further into the building. About Treviglas College Treviglas Community College is a purpose-built 11-18 comprehensive college situated on the outskirts of Newquay in Cornwall, England and serving more than 1,200 pupils from local villages and towns within a fifteen mile radius. The college employs a total of 128 people including teachers, administrative and auxiliary staff.

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