Bayn Develops Cost Effective Solution for Tasty, No-Added-Sugar Chocolate

Bayn has developed a cost effective solution for no-added-sugar chocolate, by using a steviol glycoside based composition containing natural flavours and other healthy ingredients, that according to test panels tastes as good as chocolate sweetened with sugar. 

"To replace sugar in chocolate is a well-known challenge in the industry, both in terms of taste and costs," said Roger Aidoo, Ph.D., a researcher in stevia based sweeteners and chocolate at Bayn Europe AB. "Through our research we found ingredients that in perfect synergy create a no-added-sugar chocolate that has a taste that is not significantly different from conventional chocolate". The novel solution is in line with Bayn’s market strategy that emphasises combining Bayn’s stevia based sweeteners EUREBA® with natural ingredients and fibres to refine the taste, mouth feel and texture of applications that change dramatically when the sugar is removed.

A cost competitive solution
Sugar reduction with stevia in chocolate would usually lead to high costs for the producer, but by working with a steviol glycoside composition which is less known and less expensive than the more familiar steviol glycoside compositions, combined with other cost-effective solutions, Bayn’s overall solution has a significantly lower cost structure for the producer. "Our innovative research aims at solutions that optimize the taste of the sugar reduced product while maintaining a cost effectiveness that allows the producers to make the health and indulgence products available to mainstream markets," said CEO Lucy Dahlgren. “We are proud to offer this excellent solution to the chocolate industry.”

Download the technical report
Bayn presents the research findings in a report called: "Things you must know about stevia applications in chocolate. Exploring the sweetening potential of EUREBA stevia based sweeteners in no-added-sugar milk chocolate." Author: Roger Aidoo, Ph.D., Suzanne Preddie-Atterby, M.Sc.

The report can be downloaded here: Technical Report: Stevia applications in chocolate

For more information please contact:
Suzanne Preddie-Atterby, Product Director,, tel +46 76-173 18 88
Roger Aidoo, Product Development, Chocolate,, tel: +46 8-613 28 88

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Bayn Europe AB is a Stockholm based innovative, market driven company specialized in natural and healthier sweetening systems based on sweetness from the Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni plant. Bayn’s know-how is reflected in their products, that are sold on the European market under the brand name EUREBA®. Bayn works intensively with natural bulk ingredients in their stevia applications to optimize the taste, texture and cost-in-use of the products, for the benefit of health and environment. Bayn focuses on scientific research and works according to stringent ethical and quality programs, in close cooperation with their customer base. Bayn is listed at Nasdaq Stockholm, First North, under the short name BAYN. For more information see


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