Bebida Beverage Corporation adds another C-Store Chain for KOMA UNWIND

Statesville , NC (November 22, 2010) – (OTC: BeBevCo announced today that APPLE MARKET Convenience Stores with 47 locations  located in central and southwest Virginia and Eastern Kentucky will start the process of full product placement of our KOMA UNWIND "Chillaxation Drink" and KOMA UNWIND "Chillaxation Shots" in all of their  locations.

Novelty Express, a division of the 35 year old MR Williams Incorporated will be making the product placement as they continue to expand the KOMA UNWIND brand throughout their service territory which spreads over 5 states and 1000 accounts.

"We are very excited to bring APPLE Markets into the expanding retailers list we have. Apple Markets are leading the way by answering the call of the consumers!" Said BeBevCo CEO Brian Weber. We are not only selling relaxation in a can, But we are also selling the best night of sleep many Americans have had in many years! And that’s addicting!" adds Brian.

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About BeBevCo - BeBevCo (Bebida Beverages Company) develops, manufactures and markets several beverages including Koma Unwind “Chillaxation Drink ™”, Koma Unwind Sugar-free “Chillaxation Drink ™” and Koma Unwind “Chillaxation Shot™” as well as Potencia Energy Drink and Potencia “BLAST” energy shot,