BehavioSec to present at Europe’s No.1 Think Tank Event

At Europe’s number one information technology conference, ETRE 2008, 14th – 17th October, BehavioSec will present a paradigm shift in computer security thinking.

BehavioSec has been invited to participate in the European Technology Roundtable Exhibition. It is one of Europe’s most prominent meeting places for ICT-leaders. Invest ICT together with Red Herring decided to make it possible for 10 innovative companies to present themselves and their products at the conference. The BehavioSec presentation will take place on the 17th of October in Room B at 15.45, Clarion Sign Hotel, Stockholm.

- ETRE brings together the most innovative firms to meet the money and we feel honoured to be able to present something unique for the selective audience, says Olov Renberg, CEO of BehavioSec.

Your behaviour protects the computer
By monitoring and tracking the user’s behaviour, BehavioSec’s Ongoing Authentication system guarantees that it is always the authenticated user that is handling the computer. User patterns are registered and measured via a special algorithm where a detection of unfamiliar behaviour shuts down the intruder within seconds.

- There are a lot of solutions that secures the actual log in process but apart from that, there is nothing that can guarantee that it is, in fact, you that sits in front of the computer. If someone uses your computer while you’re away getting coffee, the computer will log off immediately, says Olov.

The user’s unique behavioural patterns create a virtual fingerprint of the behaviour that is based on the keyboard and mouse movements as well as graphical interaction. After login, the profile is compared with the active user, since your behaviour is unique and impossible to imitate it is the ultimate solution against data- and identity theft.

A new layer of security
The login process serves as a gatekeeper while BehavioSec’s software continuously verifies that it is the correct user that is sitting at the computer. Without replacing conventional authentication BehavioSec’s software stops unauthorized users that have gained access to the systems through stolen credentials.

ETRE 2008 in Stockholm

14th – 17th October 2008

Clarion Sign Hotel

ETRE- is Europe’s number one Information Technology event held on the 14th – 17th October 2008, Clarion Sign Hotel Stockholm. Now in its 19th year, assembles an exclusive, invitation only, group of leading CEOs, entrepreneurs and finances from the information technology and communications industries worldwide.


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