Dive under the sea from your sofa

Bemz introduces the fabric Aquatic from Littlephant, injecting summer into your decor

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May 19, 2016 – Bemz, known for its designer covers for IKEA furniture, is proud to announce the launch of the fabric Aquatic from Littlephant. Aquatic will be available from July 20, 2016, for all models in the Bemz collection at www.bemz.com.

The Aquatic fabric, an organic pattern featuring a whimsical undersea world, was created by Littlephant one of the most famous, up and coming design brands in Sweden today. Littlephant was founded by designer and illustrator Camilla Lundsten who designs smart, funny, inspiring and colourful products, that make you laugh and challenge your creative thinking. Littlephant is proof that form and function can really go hand in hand.  

The [NEW] Aquatic Nearly Black/White by Littlephant, available at Bemz 

"I think nature's soft shapes, colours and life make people feel good. With my Aquatic pattern on your sofa, you are surrounded by a calm, beautiful sea. Sink into your sofa softly and let your imagination take you to a beautiful world of squids, seaweed and jellyfish," says Camilla Lundsten, Creative Director and Founder of Littlephant.

"I love Aquatic because it is both playful yet sophisticated in its design. Camilla's characteristic designs stand out in the Bemz collections and are very popular with our customers. We love the smart, fun and colourful patterns of Littlephant, and we also see the collaboration as an integral part of our collection of modern Scandinavian design," says Lesley Pennington, Bemz founder and CEO.

The new Aquatic Nearly Black/White fabric from Littlephant will be available for purchase across the full range of products at Bemz.com from July 20, 2016.  


For more information, fabric samples or to borrow covers, please contact:

Bemz: Christina Bhachu, christie@bemz.com, +44 796 621 6363 

Littlephant: Camilla Lundsten, camilla@littlephant.com, +46 70 765 77 69

Customer service from the UK: 0800-048 84 04 (Toll Free)

High resolution images from Bemz available here. 

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Top image:
Bemz cover for the Stocksund sofa in [NEW] Aquatic Nearly Black/White by Littlephant, £749. Cushions covers in Fruit Garden Yellow, Waves Grey/Grey, both by Littlephant, £39 each, Vreten Pinstripe Graphite Grey and Vreten Pinstripe Silver Grey, £25 each.

Second image:
The new Aquatic Nearly Black/White fabric from Littlephant available at Bemz.

Third image:
Bemz cover for the Stocksund sofa in [NEW] Aquatic Nearly Black/White by Littlephant, £749. Cushions in Fruit Garden Yellow  (£39), Big Waves Aqua (£49), Saga Forest Black/Multi (£39), Saga Forest Red/White (£39), Circus White/Yellow (£45), Harlequin White/Multi (£49) and Waves Grey/Grey (£39), all by Littlephant at Bemz.

Fourth image:
See details under third image above. Bemz cover for the Stocksund sofa in [NEW] Aquatic Nearly Black/White by Littlephant, £749. Cushion cover in [NEW] Aquatic Nearly Black/White by Littlephant, £49.

About Bemz

Bemz is a Swedish design company that produces tailor-made covers for IKEA furniture and other home textile products. The company was founded in 2005 by Lesley Pennington. The Bemz brand philosophy is deeply rooted in Scandinavian design history. Bemz fabrics are specially selected for their high quality, natural materials and all Bemz textiles are machine washable. With a business idea based on extending the life of IKEA furniture, Bemz environmental commitment is significant. Furthermore, Bemz eliminates overproduction by only manufacturing what customers have ordered and all production takes place in Europe, its biggest market. In December 2009, Bemz opened a store at Odengatan 22, in Stockholm - a shop and showroom in one.
More facts and figures on Bemz here.
Customer service from the UK: 0800-048 84 04 (Toll Free).

About Littlephant

Littlephant is a Swedish brand, created by designer Camilla Lundsten. Littlephant offers clever, inspiring and colourful products for you, your kids and your home. Products that bring joy and simplify everyday life. Littlephant’s colourful world of unique designs and characters are always created with a Swedish attitude and respect for the environment. For this reason, a portion of profits go directly to charity, products are manufactured only in factories meeting high environmental standards and are always created with respect for nature and our fellowman. littlephant.com


About Us

Canadian expat Lesley Pennington founded Bemz in 2004. By the following year, designer covers for IKEA sofas and armchairs were being made for customers worldwide. Bemz fabrics are specially chosen for their high quality, natural materials and all Bemz textile products are machine washable. They can be purchased via www.bemz.com, where free fabric samples of favourites can also be ordered. In December 2009, Bemz opened an Inspiration Store at Odengatan 22, in Stockholm – a store and an inspiration workshop in one. At Bemz, whether shopping for the bedroom, dining room or living room, all products can be freely mixed and matched with the existing Bemz range of fabrics and custom textile products to create a completely individual look. The Bemz range was extended to include bedroom products in 2011 and made-to-measure curtains and products for kids’ rooms in 2013.


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