HR software creates marketing time, says leading London barristers' chambers

Crown Office Chambers makes inventive use of technology

A leading London barristers' set is showing how HR software can improve the effectiveness of marketing activities.

Crown Office Chambers, one of London's largest commercial common law sets, is streamlining marketing activities through creative use of a staff management programme.

Currently supporting 88 barristers, the chambers originally adopted Holiday Scheduler from MTIS to manage staff holidays and days off. Whilst the software filled that need well, Senior Clerk Andy Flanagan spotted the programme's potential to help plan marketing visits by also marking these directly into the scheduler.

Mike Taylor, Managing Director of MTIS said: "I'm delighted to say that Crown Office Chambers have shown me that our product is even more flexible than we imagined - a 'solution' in the best sense of the word."

With marketing activities now comprising 40%-50% of Crown Office Chambers' clerking activities, time management is an ever-increasing challenge. Holiday Scheduler is proving a useful tool to meet that challenge and fulfil what he says is "the ever-increasing need for a proactive clerking team to drive business development forward." 

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Smart use of HR software to boost marketing effectiveness
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Barristers' chambers' makes intelligent use of HR software to assist marketing
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The schedule pays for itself in operational time saved and in preventing staff exceed their holidays entitlement.
Group Administrator, Jarvis Group Ltd
Simple, easy-to-use reports which help us to analyse holiday and sick leave by employee. We couldn't run our business without it.
Tim Cook, Operations Manager, BNI UK