New artificial intelligence solution set to cut hospital patient mortality rates

GroundVision patient observation system with real-time patient acuity and advanced early warning system

Nick Whiteley, an innovator with over 20 years' experience producing solutions for the healthcare market, has launched a next-generation patient observation solution which uses artificial intelligence to deliver real-time patient acuity and advanced early warning scores.

Piloted recently in East Surrey Hospital, GROUND VISION is the only solution of its type to incorporate both ward and patient track and trigger functionality, including patient Early Warning Scores, patient acuity, Acuity Adjusted Staffing Levels, skill mix and PPRN/NPOB measures.

Discussing the importance of real-time patient acuity for positively impacting patient outcomes, founder Nick Whiteley said:

“Currently, the NHS relies heavily on learning from the past rather than adopting ‘lead’ indicators to help identify problems before they occur. Quality decisions, the key to quality patient outcomes, depend on having the right information on hand at the right time. This is why we developed GROUND VISION - to provide these lead indicators by merging real-time information with historical and predictive data and enable those quality decisions which will save lives.”

Commenting on GROUND VISION as a ‘next generation’ solution, he said:

“While existing electronic solutions help to reduce error rates of paper-based systems, they still take a very basic view of how technology can transform processes. Why? Because they do little more than simply automate those existing systems.

“There are many factors and variables that can negatively affect a patient’s outcome. GROUND VISION actively analyses all of these variables that go into making quality decisions about patient care. As the most intelligent patient observation solution yet developed, we believe it does more than just save money, it improves quality outcomes and it saves lives.”

In its six-month pilot at East Surrey Hospital, GROUND VISION was found to reduce errors, saving lives and clinical time in the process. Initial work at the hospital suggested that there were error rates of up to 20% in the information that was being recorded manually. In the pilot, which involved 1,200 patients and 100 staff in 3 wards, the GROUND VISION system detected 4,900 deteriorating signs and 437 'seagull' signs.

Des Holden, Medical Director of Surrey and Sussex Healthcare Trust, said he saw the system as "addressing a fundamental problem" in healthcare:

"it provides a tool which takes away reliance solely on manual recording and interpretation of complex data and information.”

GROUND VISION will be on show at UK E-Heath Week, Stand 80,  at London's Olympia, 3-4 March 2015, with demonstrations available on demand.

(Pictured right: Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director of NHS England with GROUND VISION  founder Nick Whiteley and Guy Boersma, Managing Director of KSS AHSN)


* GROUND VISION incorporates an Advanced Early Warning system, in which complex analysis of vital signs creates and sends warnings about deteriorating, high-risk patients

* GROUND VISION can be configured to reflect localised acuity models and EWS or with standard NEWS and SCNT models for rapid deployment

* Designed to take into account trust infrastructure, GROUND VISION has been developed with pure web technologies to be deployed on any web-enabled device, including tablets, PDAs and smartphones

* As well as a focus on reduction of Hospital Standardised Mortality Rates and Nurse Sensitive Patient Incidents, GROUND VISION brings together key staffing/acuity indicators with Patient Early Warning Scores

* Nick Whiteley is the author of Business Innovation: A Little Book of Big Ideas. He is a technologist, consultant and director of several software companies focused on patient safety

* Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director of NHS England, was one of a cross section of visitors from the healthcare sector to comment positively on GROUND VISION during its first public viewing at the KSS AHSN Expo and Wards event at Lancaster London Hotel on 13 January, 2015

*  GROUND VISION  will be demonstrated at  UK E-Heath Week, Stand 542 ,  at London's Olympia, 3-4 March 2015

For further information about GROUND VISION  contact Nick Whiteley:

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First patient observation system to offer real-time patient acuity and advance early warning system
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As the most intelligent patient observation system yet developed, we believe it does more than just save money, it improves quality outcomes and it saves lives.
Nick Whiteley