Norwegian Smartcall deal brings Billiant multi-million kronor order

Norwegian Smartcall deal brings Billiant multi-million kronor order Stockholm, Sweden, 25 June 2001 -- The Norwegian company Smartcall has chosen Billiant as its billing system supplier. Billiant's system will enable Smartcall to charge for its package services that, among other things, include broadband, cable TV, and electricity. The order is worth around SEK 5 million to Billiant. -Following careful evaluation, we found Billiant to be the best system in the market. We need a system that can manage our complex service structure and handle rapid implementation. Sometimes, new services have to reach the market within hours. And since it is impossible to predict future business models and service offerings, the billing system must be able to offer long-term flexibility and freedom as well. Billiant met all our requirements, says Trond Nedregård, CEO of Smartcall. Smartcall offers turnkey solutions for tenant-owner associations and is a unique supplier offering package solutions that, among other things, include broadband, cable TV, and electricity. Billiant uses a licensing model to sell billing software for packet-based services. The deal will enable Smartcall, with Billiant's help, to charge for its various services with the help of a single system, or convergent solution. Billiant's system will be integrated with Smartcall's existing systems. Its function is to collect usage data from the network. This is then priced and ultimately forms the source material for invoicing. The total order value to Billiant over a three-year period is around SEK 5 million. Billiant was the only supplier who was able to offer installation and adaptations for a flat fee. The implementation of the system is scheduled to start on August 1st. -Working with a customer like Smartcall is fantastic. They sell so many different types of services and impose stringent demands in terms of integration with existing systems, so they are really able to benefit from Billiant's expertise. It's also a step in the right direction for Billiant's international strategy, says Anders Ericsson, CEO of Billiant. An important part of Smartcall's business concept is to outsource as much of the operation of its IT solutions as possible, but in order to maintain control of its service development process, the company needs a billing solution that is easy for its employees to use. For further information, please contact Billiant AB Smartcall Anders Ericsson, CEO Trond Nedregård, CEO .com +46 70 652 15 49 +47 22 13 28 01 Annelie Wallén, Press Elling Verlo, CFO Relations annelie.wallen@billiant. +47 22 13 28 02 com +46 70 356 63 20 About Billiant AB Billiant AB designs, develops, and markets leading edge billing software and services. The target customers are packet-based communication service providers, like Broadband Operators and Mobile Service Providers, as well as portals. Billiant has a very solid ownership backing. Main investors are WireEdge Ventures ( and Northzone Ventures ( Today Billiant employs approximately 30 people, and will during 2001 expand to around 60. Billiant is operating on the European market with headquarters in Stockholm, a design center in Gothenburg, a local sales office in Madrid, and is now aggressively expanding through establishing more offices in Europe. For further information: About Smartcall Smartcall ASA offers digital services such as Internet, cable and digital TV, electricity, and telephony to apartment complexes. Smartcall has a modern technical platform, which enables offerings of high standard, adjusted to the customers´ different wishes and needs. The company has specialized in delivering modern solutions to advantageous prices for customers that are connected to private networks. Until now, 50,000 customers have chosen Smartcall as its supplier. The company employs 50 people. Headquarters are in Oslo, and representatives in Drammen, Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger and Kristiansand. For further information: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: