Annual General Meeting of Biolight International AB, April 25, 2001

Annual General Meeting of Biolight International AB, April 25, 2001 Biolight's Annual General Meeting decided in favour of all the propositions included in the notice to attend the general meeting. Scientific studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Biolight®, and Biolight International AB is now entering a more commercial phase. At Biolight's Annual General Meeting of April 25, 2001, the President, Christer Wallin made a presentation of the development of Biolight, including a demonstration of the new products for wound care, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and rehabilitation. The President declared that through the recent studies, which show that Biolight® is clinically effective, Biolight has now made a breakthrough. One example is that Biolight® can reduce the time to healing of chronic wounds by 36 per cent. These results mean that Biolight can now change focus from research to finding distributors and starting to penetrate the market. The General Meeting resolved to adopt the annual report and the proposed income statement, discharge the members of the Board of Directors and the President from liability for the financial year, and the whole Board of Directors were re-elected. Thus, it consists of Hans Larsson, Tord Bergstedt, Birgit Gidlund-Larsson, Claes Holmberg, Håkan Sjunnesson, Rolf Thiberg, Akbar Seddigh and Christer Wallin. The General Meeting also resolved unanimously to adopt the proposition of the Board of Directors and the principle owner for a new issue of debentures with detachable subscription warrants of new Class B shares. The underlying reasons for this proposition are, in short, a desire to enhance the motivation of the employees for future efforts, through a long-term ownership commitment, and make it easier to recruit personnel as well as stimulate an increased interest in the operation and the earnings trend. The warrant program means, in short, that Biolight International AB issues a debenture loan of a maximum par value of SEK 10,000, combined with a maximum of 1,000,000 warrants, providing the right to subscribe for Class B shares in Biolight at the par value of SEK 0.03. The debentures are issued by Biolight's subsidiary, Biolight Patent Holding AB, and the right to subscribe for warrants is reserved for Biolight employees, as well as selected members of the board with deviation from the preferential rights of the shareholders. The total number of outstanding subscription warrants, including warrants in accordance with this proposition, corresponds to a dilution of 2.39 per cent of the total share capital when fully subscribed, and 0.83 per cent of the total number of votes. Complete information and all the conditions are included in the material from the Annual General Meeting. Danderyd, April 26, 2001 The Board of Directors of Biolight International AB (publ) For further information, please contact: Christer Wallin, President, Biolight International AB, tel: +46-(0)8-622 52 70 Biolight International AB is a medical technology company, offering its customers, patients, nursing staff and different authorities, various products and services, based on the company's patented method for the use of pulsating, monochromatic light. In this way, the company wishes to improve the quality of life for the patients, and significantly reduce the time to healing as well as the treatment costs. Through systematically executed clinical trials, Biolight is gradually extending its scientific basis to secure the method in the field of health care. During the past few years, Biolight has focused on a small number of indication areas grouped around wound healing. For further information, please visit Biolight's home page at ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: