Ludmila Engquist is our guest during" Idrottsgolfen" at St. Jörgen's Golf Club in Gothenburg on 6 July

Ludmila Engquist is our guest during "Idrottsgolfen" at St. Jörgen's Golf Club in Gothenburg on 6 July Ludmila Engquist, the bandy player Per Fosshaug and NHL pro Niclas Hävelid are 3 of almost 100 elite sportsmen to visit "Idrottsgolfen", a golf competition arranged by Mölndal's Table Tennis Club in co-operation with GolfEvent at the St Jörgen Golf Club in Gothenburg. Other participants from the sports elite of the world are NHL player Daniel Alfredsson, handball pro Magnus Wislander and the Olympic archery medallist Magnus Pettersson. International participants include the English athletes Chris Akabusi and John Regis. This is the seventh year for the Idrottsgolfen event, which gathers 200 participants in all. Ludmila Engquist together with Per Fosshaug and Niclas Hävelid are guests at the Biolight stand during the golf event and will answer questions about their experience of Biolight. Biolight is a Swedish medical technology company, that has developed a unique product for the treatment of damaged cells. Ludmila Engquist is one of the elite athletes who has reported very good effects from treatment with Biolight®. In 1999, Biolight started close collaboration with the hurdler Ludmila Engquist. Her Achilles tendon problem was part of the reason why she had to end her successful athletic career. Thanks to Biolight, Engquist is able to focus on becoming a bobsleigh champion, her aim set on the winter Olympics in 2002. "To me, treatment with Biolight® is part of the daily routines. Just like my daily training. There are no miracles involved, but through regular, preventive treatment I manage to stop my injuries from getting worse," says Ludmila Engquist. Her experience of Biolight® comes from both preventive treatment and treatment of acute injuries. The results show that Engquist has recovered very quickly, and consequently she can train at full steam. Welcome to the Biolight stand where you can meet Ludmila Engquist, Per Fosshaug, Niclas Hävelid and Rickard Nilsson, physiological advisor of the Swedish Olympic Committee. Time and place: July 6, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Biolight's stand, St. Jörgen's Golf Club, Gothenburg. For further information and for booking an interview with the Biolight ambassadors, Ludmila Engquist, Per Fosshaug, Niclas Hävelid and Rickard Nilsson, please contact Hans Johansson, tel: +46-(0)709-84 42 60 Biolight's product, which is patent protected, is based on a method where light of a certain wavelength - monochromatic light - and pulse frequency is supplied during specific periods of time. Through this light, the cell gets energy, its activity increases and healing starts. Without sufficient energy, a cell is not strong enough to contribute to healing. Biolight® speeds up the healing processes and complements traditional treatment. It contributes to improved quality of life and reduces treatment costs. The treatment is non-pharmaceutical (not a drug) and external. It is easy to administer, painless and does not involve any side effects. Today, Biolight® is successfully used in wound care, dental care and rehabilitation. For further information, please visit us at ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: