Biolin Medical increases engagement in Cavidi Tech

Biolin Medical increases engagement in Cavidi Tech Biolin Medical has subscribed to additional shares in Cavidi Tech based in Uppsala, north of Stockholm. The business of Cavidi Tech involves research, production and marketing of in vitro tests within virology. Biolin is already a shareholder of Cavidi Tech and the increased holding is acomplished through subscription to a new share issue directed towards Biolin Medical AB and the, by Investor AB, wholly owned subsidiary Investor Growth Capital. "We increase our commitment in Cavidi Tech based on the fact that the company develops according to plan. The test developed by Cavidi Tech to measure viral load, among other things in people infected by HIV, has created a large interest by potential partners", says Per Spångberg, CEO of Biolin Medical. He continues, "The company also posts an impressive research in the area of retrovirus and we believe there is potential for a further number of interesting products in the future". Cavidi Tech already posts sales of several products for measuring so called RT activity. The products offer high sensitivity, which creates a number of possible areas of application, mainly in the field of retrovirus research. For further information: Per Spångberg, CEO Biolin Medical AB, +46 8 679 90 10 or +46 70 485 26 39 Thomas Pollare, CEO Cavidi Tech AB, +46 18 55 20 48 or+46 70 810 79 29 Staffan Josephson, Senior Investment Manager, Investor Growth Capital, +46 8 463 38 13 or +46 70 824 20 13 Biolin Medical is a venture-capital company that creates value growth in high-technology companies in biotech, medical technology and related areas. Through an operative owner commitment based on unique competence and a comprehensive network, Biolin develops innovations for commercial companies. Bolin's investment portfolio consists of ownership in the companies AlcoDia, Boule Diagnostics, BST Blood Saving Technologies, Cavidi Tech, Integration Diagnostics, Q-Sense and Sinterkil. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: