BioPhausia - introduces RescueFlow in Germany

BioPhausia - an innovative Swedish Pharmaceutical company introduces RescueFlow® in Germany BioPhausia is an innovative Swedish pharmaceutical company listed on the Swedish Stock Exchange. BioPhausia is a research and development company with core competence and scientific research within the area of microcirculation, macro- molecules and biopolymers. BioPhausia is focusing on research and development within these core competence areas, as well as using its European Distributor Network and global marketing & sales experience for product introductions targeting hospital specialists in Europe. The main product, RescueFlow® is a new innovative drug for initial resuscitation after trauma. It is a new volume replacement drug with specific effects. A new concept for initial resuscitation after trauma- RescueFlow® the first product approved RescueFlow® is a recently approved hypertonic colloid solution specifically designed for safe and effective small volume resuscitation in trauma and haemorrhagic shock. Both active components, hypertonic (7,5%) saline and 6% dextran 70, play a decisive role in rapidly expanding and sustaining plasma volume. The dextran component binds the recruited water within the intravascular space, thus sustaining the volume expansion achieved and stabilising haemodynamics. In the trauma patient the rapid and efficient volume replacement achieved by RescueFlow® supports central haemodynamics and improves microcirculatory flow. In particular, extensive experimental documentation demonstrates that. RescueFlow® improves microcirculatory perfusion and nutritive flow. Please visit the RescueFlow® web-site at for further information. BioPhausia opens a new sales office in Germany In connection with the introduction of RescueFlow®, BioPhausia has opened a sales representation office in Germany .The German pharmaceutical market is one of the largest in Europe, and a sales office combined with a number of subdistributors provides BioPhausia with a more efficient way to influence the market, as well as better service for customers. Distribution agreement for RescueFlow® in France BioPhausia Management has during the period focused its operations on negotiations with future distributors in the countries where RescueFlow® is approved for marketing. These efforts have resulted in a distribution agreement with Laboratoires Belamont, France, regarding sales of RescueFlow®. Laboratoires Belamont is part of the Cider Santé Group, which is one of the leading pharmaceutical organisations in France and the French speaking countries in Africa. The agreement covers France, 24 countries in Africa, and a further nine territories under French rule. Sales are expected to commence after the local administrative and business processes have been completed. BioPhausia signs distribution agreement in Germany BioPhausia has signed a distribution agreement with the pharmaceutical company BioQuest GmbH. The agreement makes BioQuest one of BioPhausia´s subdistributors in Germany. The established BioQuest customers will become available to BioPhausia, and thus the company will be able to provide its customers with better service. Negotiations are under way with further distributors, according to plans. Sales are expected to commence during the third quarter of the year. BioPhausia presents positive results from surgery study on RescueFlow® In Germany a study on RescueFlow® used in surgery has been concluded. RescueFlow® has been compared with standard of care on abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery. The initial results from the study indicate that RescueFlow®, when administered during surgery, maintains the circulation of the patient with less volume than with standard of care. These results, in combination with other available documentation, indicate that RescueFlow® may provide more efficient volume substitution during surgery. This suggests that the indication area for RescueFlow® could be extended. The project is running on time. BioPhausia AB - For more information regarding the company and its business partners and the product RescueFlow® , please contact us at the coming Trauma 2000 congress in Hannover 10-13 September 2000 in exhibition booth K 12 Please meet us at : Exhibition Booth K12 at the Hannover Trauma congress during 10 - 13 September 2000 Uppsala, Sweden, 6 september 2000 For more information please contact : Soili Longsén, Managing Director, BioPhausia AB tel +46-(0)18 - 34 99 00 or mobile +46- (0)708-32 92 19 Claes Thulin, Chairman of the Board, BioPhausia AB, tel +46-(0)708 - 99 34 50 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: