Krillase shows advantages compared with competing products

Krillase® shows advantages compared with competing products The first comprehensive results from Phase III clinical studies with Krillase have been released. The effects, compared with the other treatments in the study, reveal advantages with Krillase. The statistical certainty of all elements of the study has not been established. It has been confirmed that Krillase cleans wounds rapidly. A detailed analysis of all the variables in the study has now been initiated. Commenting on the results, Stellan Lind, president of BioPhausia said: "We can now report positive results from our Phase III studies regarding the effect of Krillase compared with other preparations, even though all elements of the positive differences are not statistically significant. The rapid effect is of great importance and the treatment-related economic advantages of this benefit are apparent. Discussions with potential licensees are proceeding as planned. The result of these discussions will influence the timing for submission of the application for marketing authorization." Uppsala, November 26, 1998. Based on its contact network and know-how, primarily in connective tissue biology, BioPhausia is developing products for licensing to well-established pharmaceutical companies with strong marketing organizations. The product and project portfolio includes RescueFlow®, a resuscitation solution, Krillase® for the debridement of chronic wounds (clinical phase III), and preclinical projects in the tumour and trauma treatment areas. For further information, please contact: Stellan Lind, President Tel. +46 (0)18-34 99 00