RescueFlow study indicates significantly greater increase in volume of blood

RescueFlow® study indicates significantly greater increase in volume of blood BioPhausia has recently completed a clinical study designed to compare the effect of RescueFlow®, saline solutions and dextran solutions on the volume of blood, following extensive bleeding. This study is the first of its kind. Maintaining the volume of blood is of crucial importance both in the case of trauma and elective surgery. The study involved tests on healthy volunteers, in cooperation with Professor Lars Wiklund of the Uppsala University Hospital. The results indicate a significantly greater increase in the volume of blood after treatment with RescueFlow®, compared with infusions purely confined to saline or dextran solutions. "It gives me great satisfaction to be able to report these positive results, which give us additional information about the effects of RescueFlow®," says BioPhausia's President, Stellan Lind. "The results will also be relevant in our ongoing licensing discussions and our efforts to obtain approval for the marketing of RescueFlow®." Uppsala, June 15, 1998 Based on its contact network and know-how, primarily in connective-tissue biology, BioPhausia is developing products for licensing to well-established pharmaceutical companies with strong marketing organizations. The project portfolio includes RescueFlow®, a resuscitation solution (in the registration phase), Krillase® for the debridement of chronic wounds (clinical phase III), and preclinical projects in the tumor and trauma treatment areas. Please contact the President, Stellan Lind, for further information. Tel. +46-18-34 99 00


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