Birdstep Technology Launches Seamless Connectivity Solution for Android

(Oslo, November 16, 2010) Birdstep Technology ASA, a leading provider of secure and seamless wireless connectivity, has launched a seamless connectivity solution for the Android handset market with the release of SafeMove Mobile IP for Android

The SafeMove Mobile IP solution is an industry standards-based product which leverages on the successful SafeMove secure mobility products delivered internationally over many years. An initial order from a North American customer to enable a fixed-mobile convergence solution has already been received, and expectations within Birdstep are that this new product will see rapid market traction in the high mobility Smartphone market.

The solution is designed to provide an enhanced mobility experience to both service providers and subscribers in an “always connected” market.

SafeMove Mobile IP is a unique application that automatically connects smartphones to the best available network, giving users an easy way to utilize Wi-Fi/3G/LTE to connect to the internet and operator services. SafeMove Mobile IP can prioritize WiFi over cellular networks to provide the fastest download speeds and cheaper, more reliable connectivity. This also allows operators to offload data services to Wi-Fi in order to free up 3G network capacity.

As users move between their home, office, car and other locations, SafeMove Mobile IP ensures that they remain connected to a wireless network and that active voice and data services survive network changes and gaps in coverage. The result is the unification of multiple wireless networks into a single infrastructure over which operators can deliver new services and revolutionize the user experience.

“Birdstep has been highly successful in bringing sophisticated Mobile Broadband connectivity solutions to the market. We are very excited about bringing a solution to market that will deliver a truly connected experience” says Tim Carter, Managing Director, SafeMove. “The growth in market share for Android devices has been phenomenal and we are extremely positive about the potential for this solution to service the needs of service providers and subscribers alike”

For further information please visit or contact

Tim Carter, Managing Director, SafeMove

+44 7899 790 281

About Birdstep

Birdstep Technology ASA is a leading provider of secure and seamless wireless connectivity software for operators, enterprises and mobile device manufacturers. EasyConnect offers advanced connection and service management solutions for network operators and laptop manufacturers. SafeMove is a mobile VPN solution providing seamless and secure connectivity to business data for corporations and governments.

Birdstep Technology was founded in 1996 and is since 2002 listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker "BIRD". The company has 82 employees and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with competence centers in Sweden, Finland, UK and the United States. For more information, visit


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Birdstep Technology is a leading provider of Smart Mobile Data and Secure Mobility for operators, enterprises and governmental organisations. Drawing on extensive experience of successful customer projects and in cooperation with operators, enterprise customers and OEM partners around the world, Birdstep delivers industry leading solutions for wireless connectivity and service management. Our Smart Mobile Data services offer advanced solutions for data offload, support automation and end user communication to network operators. Our Secure Mobility services offer solutions providing seamless and secure connectivity to business data for corporations and governmental organisations. Birdstep Technology was founded in 1996 and is, since 2002, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with competence centres in Sweden, Finland and the United States.