189 914 EasyConnect activations in September

(Oslo, October 12th 2009) Birdstep Technology ASA reported 189 914 EasyConnect activations in September 2009.

189 914 new customers activated their EasyConnect software in September 2009 compared to 114 793 in September 2008. The September activation figure represents a 0,63 percent decline compared to 191 125 activations in August 2009. The activations apply to EasyConnect Go and EasyConnect Advanced products, Birdstep Technology’s solutions for mobile broadband connectivity through USB modems. Birdstep Technology’s embedded solution for laptop manufacturers, EasyConnect Inside, is not included in the figures. See enclosed OSE filing including activation report in attached PDF. Birdstep Technology reports EasyConnect Go and Advanced activations monthly, in order to provide increased transparency to the financial market. The report is disclosed the 10th every month or the first trading day following the 10th.

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Birdstep Technology is a global software development, marketing and sales company offering secure connectivity and seamless mobility software for laptops and Pocket PCs , as well as state-of-the-art embedded database technologies.

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