Birdstep simplifies cost control for roaming customers

- Launches pop-up feature for distinct cost notifications (Oslo, October 9th 2009) In March 2010 new EU regulations come into force for mobile operators with customers roaming abroad. The new rules help the customer not to exceed the standard limit of 50 Euro per month while roaming. To simplify for both end-users and operators Birdstep Technology are now launching a pop-up feature that warns the user when the limit is close.

The operator solution simplifies the adherence to the new EU regulations, with roaming customers notified by a pop-up message when the monthly limit is about to be reached. The pop-up message also includes end-user specific information. The feature can thus be used by operators to send individual offers and other subscriber related information. ”Many customers choose not to use mobile data while abroad through fear of high costs on the next bill. With this new feature, actual charges are more transparent, helping both operators and end-users alike. In addition to this, operators can now offer simplified support and targeted offers to their subscribers”, says Torbjörn Sandberg, CEO at Birdstep Technology. The new feature is part of Birdstep’s EasyConnect 2.8 product which also handles users’ connectivity to mobile broadband internet services. EasyConnect is used today by many mobile operators around the world, with over 1,2 million new users this year. Stephen Morris, General Manager Business Units EasyConnect and Orbyte, continues: “Birdstep EasyConnect 2.8 is an advanced connection and service manager that gives customers a smooth and intuitive mobile broadband experience, starting from the time of installation and throughout the customer lifecycle. It also provides powerful capabilities for remote support and direct communication with customers and offers detailed statistics and information on an operators’ subscriber base.” Drawing on experience from over 40 successful operator deployments, Birdstep is able to deliver a connection and service management solution ready for immediate deployment, complete with all the leading benefits of the EasyConnect product suite.

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