Bisnode and Coinfirm starts collaboration around blockchain

Bisnode is pioneering Smart Data to enable customers to make Smart Decisions, and together with Coinfirm blockchain analysis and compliance platform, brings opportunities to address problems affecting both the traditional and blockchain systems.

In the traditional financial system, large battels and costs around compliance and risk analysis are often being repeated in the blockchain ecosystem. Companies and institutions receive vast amounts of data and must dedicate significant amounts of labor, time and resources to sift through all of it to get actionable conclusions. The situation for bitcoin and other digital currency-related companies is the same.

Bisnode and Coinfirm's services are going to help change this reality. With Coinfirm's platform, delivering clear actionable insights such as risk ratings and recommendations that streamlines compliance and reduces costs and risk around blockchain transactions. With the new service companies can run complete analysis and compliance for both systems through a single service and do so with a level of efficiency unlike before. So not only does the partnership add a new element to managing risk and compliance for both systems but also allows digital currencies and blockchain transactions to be more widely and institutionally adopted and easier to use for everyone.

Bisnode is the leading company within Data & Analytics in Europe and together with Coinfirm currently integrating solutions and data to jointly begin offering services. Compliance for digital currency-related companies, Anti Money Laundring/Know Your Customer (AML/KYC) compliance and risk assessment with combined analysis over traditional and blockchain based assets, providing verifiable information for external auditors about blockchain assets, and enhancement of anti-fraud investigations. A combined API is also in the works to provide the ultimate compliance solution with complete integration of traditional and blockchain-related assessments.

“This is a huge step forward for digital transactions when it comes to compliance. Companies that are more keen on doing business within a digital currency, but are afraid of dealing with anonymous, potentially terrorism or black market-related companies will now have the ability to gain that information due to the partnership between Bisnode and Coinfirm” , says Andrzej Osinski, Country Manager, Bisnode Poland.

Andrzej Osinski, Country Manager, Bisnode Poland

Coinfirm : A blockchain technology company with a specific focus on Compliance as a Service, Coinfirm built the first blockchain risk and compliance platform as well as the first blockchain lab in Central Europe environment.

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