Spykiller Keeps Companies' Trade Secret: Laptop security key keeps intellectual property out of wrong hands

Spykiller Keeps Companies' Trade Secret Laptop security key keeps intellectual property out of wrong hands Oxford-based IT company, Open Seas, today announced the UK-wide launch of SpyKiller- an affordable suite of security products designed to protect employees' "digital identities" and the sensitive intellectual property they own. Controlled by a smart "key" that plugs into the USB port on a laptop or desktop computer, SpyKiller authorises access to the computer and carries an individual's personal security profile on an embedded chip to control a variety of functions including file and folder access, secure encrypted communication and Internet use. Jason Kent, managing director of Open Seas said: "It's not just MI5 and politicians that carry sensitive data around on their laptop. Any busy executive out on the road with a computer is vulnerable to losing trade secrets and SpyKiller can help prevent that in a simple and affordable way. "Perhaps more importantly though, as we move to a more connected world, it becomes increasingly difficult to know that the person you're communicating with is who they say they are. The beauty of the SpyKiller key is that it is carried by the owner wherever they go. Because the user profile is unique it's virtually impossible to impersonate the user without physically stealing the key. No-one would dispute that companies have a responsibility to physically protect their staff - now they can protect them digitally too." The SpyKiller suite is made by French security specialists Calyx Datacontrol and is already implemented in thousands of company locations across France at companies like GoodYear, Air France, The Red Cross and several Government institutions. For additional information, please contact: Dominic Hawes (Photography at: http://www.bitemarkmc.com/openseas) 020 7845 7260 dominic@bitemarkmc.com Notes to editors attached.... Notes to editors Background on Open Seas at (http://www.bitemarkmc.com/openseas/openseasbackgrounder.doc) Calyx already has an impressive customer list with such well known names as GoodYear, Air France, Bull, Gemplus, France Telecom, the Red Cross and the National Customs School using the following products: SpyKiller controls access to desktop computers, notebooks, servers and the Internet through electronic keys including USB keys, smart cards and biometric devices. In addition to physical access control, SpyKiller offers network and data access control down to individual file level, software policy enforcement through restriction on floppy and CD ROM disk access, and single sign-in application access for Windows, Novell and Lotus users. Enterprise provides automatic authentication for Windows NT4 and 2000 server logon and enterprise applications such as Lotus Notes and SAP. The user name and password are contained in the chosen key (USB key, smart card etc) and are totally transparent to the user. This allows security to be tightened through the use of PIN numbers and complex passwords. Protect offers "on the fly" data encryption for Virtual Private Networks, workstations and email using several types of encryption including its own 80 or 160 bit encryption. Protect supports the use of electronic key devices for holding encrypted codes including: infra-red IRDA, smart cards, USB keys and Dallas chips. Weblock enforces Internet access management rules on-site, at remote locations and on the move. Because access management is controlled by the SpyKiller electronic key, office firewalls and proxy server security can't be bypassed completely enforcing a company's web policy. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2001/12/13/20011213BIT00980/bit0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2001/12/13/20011213BIT00980/bit0001.pdf