Chinese Training courses from Bits(Thailand)

Located in the heart of Bangkok, BiTs(Thailand) offers high quality Chinese training courses in order to full fill the growing demand for Chinese arising across different business sectors in Thailand.

Bits(Thailand) Chinese courses are designed to help students gain the right skills they require for communicating with Chinese guests, business associates and suppliers.  Our programs cover them all - let it be Basic Chinese, Chinese for Tourism, and Chinese for Business.

Chinese Training currently on offer at BitsThailand are

  • §  Basic Chinese
  • §  Chinese For Marketing
  • §  Chinese For Travel
  • §  Chinese For Survival
  • §  Chinese For Business
  • §  Chinese Conversation

BitsThailand Chinese training courses enable individuals to connect with clients in a direct manner, reduce any possible misunderstandings and build strong working relationship on first language basis. The courses also help them get a deep insight into Chinese culture and values; it helps them gain a strategic depth by understanding Chinese business behavior and communicating in an effective manner.

With Bits(Thailand) you will learn Chinese language in a quick, efficient and reliable manner as our teaching staffs devote full time and attention to the learning process.

About BitS(Thailand)

With over 19 years of experience, BitS(Thailand) is considered as a premium institute for offering quality training programs in Computers, English Conversation, Business English, Chinese & Management training courses .

BitS(Thailand) highly experienced and dedicated faculty members, academic support and responsive customer service teams enhance the training experience and let you achieve your training objects in a timely manner.

If you want to know about BitS(Thailand) , we recommend you to visit the website and for a more personalized response , you can contact  BitS through the quick contact forms located on the website.