BlueFactory provides SMS service to Telia

Flirting service on Mobile Nation BlueFactory provides SMS service to Telia BlueFactory is supplying its SMS application Flirtylizer to Telia Mobile. Telia Mobile has previously launched WAP services from BlueFactory and is now making an SMS service from the company available via its youth portal Mobile Nation. BlueFactory is increasing its co-operation with Telia Mobile via the entertainment service Flirtylizer. As a result of the launch, BlueFactory is now represented on Telia's youth portal, Mobile Nation. Entertainment services from BlueFactory have been on Telia's WAP portal MyDOF for some time. "Telia's choice of Flirtylizer is fun, and shows that demand for SMS services is growing," said Soki Choi, MD for BlueFactory. "The simplicity of SMS and the excitement of Flirtylizer make a great combination that attracts many users. Besides, it's even fun for girls!" SMS - Fills moments of boredom SMS is popular among young people. 52 per cent of young people aged 16 to 34 in Sweden send more than one SMS a day, according to a survey conducted by QuickWise 1) on BlueFactory's behalf. More than 60 per cent of Swedish teenagers also play games on their mobile telephones. Flirtylizer Flirtylizer is an SMS-based flirting service for young people. The service enables mobile phone users to send anonymous love messages to each other via mobile telephone. Flirtylizer can detect if the interest is mutual and advise that a match has been made. Flirtylizer is now available on Telia's youth portal Mobile Nation at the address: . The service will also be demonstrated by Telia Mobile during the Kalasturné which will take place in Sweden between July 12 and 28. For further information: Soki Choi, MD BlueFactory, tel: +46 70-623 59 13 or Stefan Nilsson, PR and Communication Manager, BlueFactory, tel: +46 70- 245 14 41 or For more information on the survey by QuickWise, please contact Anders Kinberg, Marketing Manager, BlueFactory, tel: +46 730-51 10 23 or Already the market leader in Sweden, BlueFactory aims to be the leading provider of mobile interactive entertainment in Europe. BlueFactory offers wireless enabling technologies, software and entertainment applications based on existing and future technologies (SMS, WAP, WIG, WEB, Positioning and Bluetooth). BlueFactory currently has offices in Stockholm and Hong Kong. 1,390 people were surveyed during June. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: