BlueFactory supplies entertainment services to Telia

BlueFactory supplies entertainment services to Telia Swedish mobile entertainment supplier BlueFactory has entered into an agreement to supply game and entertainment services to Telia Mobile. Telia Mobile has already released several of BlueFactory's services in December 2000 via its WAP portal MyDOF. The number of individual users of these services has since doubled each week. Among the entertainment services that will be available via the MyDOF portal from this week is the new ExtremeQuiz. ExtremeQuiz is a trivia game about extreme sports, primarily targeted at the fast-growing group of snowboard, skating, surfing and mountain biking enthusiasts. An updated version of CelebriQuiz, the very popular trivia game about gossip and celebrities, is also on MyDOF. To maintain freshness and excitement, the content of all of BlueFactory's services is now being continually updated. "Mobile services should be fun and easy to use. It is important to update the content on an ongoing basis, and to have an attractive range for all tastes, but also to dare exchange services," said Soki Choi, Managing Director of BlueFactory. Although the youth market has been a major target group for mobile entertainment services to date, usage is now speading quickly to a larger, broader audience. It is therefore increasingly important for suppliers of entertainment servies to be able to provide different types of services with varied content. BlueFactory is one of few companies in Europe that can provide a wide range of mobile entertainment services for both guys and girls of all ages. BlueFactory is currently working with the largest mobile communications providers and mobile portals in Europe and Asia. For further information, please contact: Soki Choi, MD BlueFactory, tel. +46 70-623 59 13 or Stefan Nilsson, Marketing and Communications Manager BlueFactory, tel. +46 70-245 14 41 or BlueFactory is Sweden's largest independent supplier of interactive mobile entertainment services, supplying a wide range to mobile communications providers, portals and other distributors. The products are developed for guys and girls of all ages. BlueFactory's goal is to become the leading supplier of interactive mobile entertainment services. BlueFactory has offices in Stockholm and Hong Kong. Through its presence in Scandinavia and Asia, BlueFactory has access to Sweden's advances in the development of mobile technology and the well developed Asian user market. BlueFactory's services are based on SMS and WAP over GSM, GPRS and UMTS. The first products were launched in October 2000. For further information, please visit our website ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: